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You read that right!!!  Today I gave my two week’s notice at work!!!  They won’t need me after this Friday!!!  I’m QUITTING MY DAY JOB!!!  WOOT!!!  YAY!!!  OH HELLS YEAH!!!


Last week, while Mr. BFS and I were in Las Vegas, I was offered a blog manager position that was going to bring in $400 a week as I make extra money from home with even more side jobs.  That has since been changed to half that time, so $200 a week and may only last a couple of months, but it doesn’t matter at all.  It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mr. BFS and I started talking more about where I stand.

Here’s my current situation:

  • I wanted the online business savings account to be at $10,000.  It is at $8700 and another $500 is currently in Paypal and will be on the way by the end of the week.  I will polish it off with my paid vacation check (I have 7 unused days) from my day job if I need to, but I bet it will be at $10,000 by the end of the month without that help.  🙂
  • We wanted to make sure I could be insured through hubby’s health plan.  I can.
  • I wanted to be making at least $2500 a month consistently and really wanted more than $3000 a month to be on the safe side.  I made $5200 last month, more than $3000 on average over the last 4 months, and have already made more than $3000 this month.

And the biggest reason to quit…

Even if this blog manager position isn’t long-term, I have already hit my targets and can sustain working from home full time.  I also can now take on more advertising clients or staff writing positions through Crystal-For-Hire Blogging Services.  As it stood last week, I was allowing myself three more advertising clients and one more staff writing position and that was it or my brain was going to explode.  Now I will have the time to expand.  I also will be able to put more than a few minutes a week into my eBook and start posting even more about how to make money online, which I think is going to be as popular as BFS within the next year.  I will have the time to run both of my blogging babies!!!

I’ve also already called Meals on Wheels and will be getting scheduled as a driver once my days open up.  🙂


I have three days to work through before hitting that finish line.  Woot, woot!!!

Thank you all for the ton of support I receive from you every day!!!