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Did you know that the phrase “how to get the money” is searched globally 246,000 times a month?!  I figured I’d help hundreds of thousands of people out and make my list of the top 10 income ideas and ways to save major moolah:

1.  Share Your Space

I know the idea of having a roommate may be a turn off, but the cheapest I ever lived (other than at home with my mommy) is when I split the rent of a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other girls in college.  I believe I was still charged $288 a month, but I could have even found something cheaper if I was willing to drive.  You can save thousands of dollars a year.

2.  Eat Out Less

My biggest expense is housing (see above), but the second biggest is food.  Mr. BFS and I cut out budget by nearly a third by simply eating out one time a week instead of 4 or 5 times a week.  Restaurants and fast food chains really do cost more than if you buy AND USE groceries efficiently.

3.  Use the Money You Have in Your Home

Use the equity in your home to pay off debt at a lower interest rate. If you take a look at heloc interest rates you will see they are typically much lower interest than your credit cards or other debts. Take advantage of this and save money in the long haul.

4.  Change Your Mode of Transportation

I love having a car.  It’s easy to just jump in and go.  Using our motorcycle is even cheaper and recently we were able to compare motorcycle insurance with different carriers and save even more money every month on that. That said, I could save a few thousand a year if I could take a bus instead.  I’d even lose weight if I’d bike.  Heck, even car pooling would save me a few hundred every couple of months.  If you are looking for corners to cut, transportation is another great place to start. If you do use your own car then compare the best rated auto insurance companies for lower premiums.

5.  Get a Job

I know this seems obvious, but this even means look for a better job if you are simply not paid enough.  I have known people who will complain until their faces are blue about their lack of funds even though I know they settled on a job that pays even less than mine.  Learn a trade, take some certification classes, or just network a bit and you could increase your income overnight.

6.  Get a Second Job

Whether you enjoy your work, don’t want to or can’t cut back on any more of your expenses, or simply want a little more money in your life, look into getting a second job.  This could be anything from an actual night shift to a side income through pizza delivery.

7.  Take Care of Yourself

This may seem a little counterintuitive to you but trust me it makes sense in the long run. If you spend money to take care of yourself now it will be less expensive later. For example, make yourself get to the dentist for checkups. If you don’t have coverage then compare dental insurance companies and find a good plan. This applies to all types of health issues you should stay on top of.

8.  Sell Your Stuff

Craigslist and Ebay have made selling individual items way easier than in the past.  Garage and yard sales are also a way of cleaning out your house and making some profit to boot.  If you have some time, you could list 5 items a week and work your way through any of the excess you may have accumulated through the years…

9.  Passive Income Streams

Interest from investments and per click ads or affiliate programs are ways of making money even while you are sleeping.  Passive income is usually something that only starts really helping after you’ve created a solid foundation (like saving, investing, creating a good website, or you can even make money selling ebooks), so make sure to have a plan. Real estate investing can be a great passive income depending on your personality. In a recent Peerstreet review we talk about alternative ways to invest in real estate that don’t require all the headaches of being an actual owner.

10.  Take Care of Yourself

Health care costs are astronomical, so staying healthy is a very important way of keeping your money where it belongs in your pocket.  Take this from someone who just finished paying her husband’s $1500 dental bill; you don’t have anything unless you’ve got your health.

What other income ideas do you awesome readers have?

Looking to make more money so your budget will balance and you will have some financial breathing room? Take your stress level down a notch with these top ten ways to make money and save money. Getting your money ducks in order makes life so much easier!