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How To Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed

A couple of months ago, I mentioned getting a ticket in April for running a stop sign that I hadn’t seen while I was driving between pet sitting jobs.  It was a bad week of back pain and being amazingly busy, so I was a little distracted, lol.  But I went through the defensive driving process to get the ticket dismissed, so I thought it would be a good idea to share what was involved.  I know that the process may differ city to city and state to state, so just take this as general info since it may only be specific to the courts near my house outside of Houston, TX.

Case Closed

How I Got My Traffic Ticket Dismissed

  1. Waited a week for my ticket to be logged into the system.
  2. Found the Harris County site to pay the application fee of $115 to take defensive driving to waive the ticket – https://web.jp.hctx.net/FindMyCase/welcome.html.
  3. Waited 2 weeks to receive the official go ahead from the court to take defensive driving.  Their letter also stated all 3 things that I would need – my driving record, the defensive driving certificate, and an affidavit stating that I hadn’t taken defensive driving in the last year to have a ticket dismissed.  You can take defensive driving just for insurance purposes and then do it again within the year to have a ticket dismissed.
  4. Found the site to order and print my driving record, specifically my “Certified List of All Accidents and Violations in Record (Type 3A)” that I needed at https://txapps.texas.gov/tolapp/txldrcdr/TXDPSLicenseeManager.
  5. Found a $25 certified Comedy Driving course that took 6 hours of a Saturday and actually taught me a lot.  I can highly recommend https://www.comedydriving.com/willowbrook-texas-defensive-driving/.
  6. Waited the 3-4 days it took to receive my certificate of completion of defensive driving in the mail.
  7. My friend is a notary public and I saved $5 by asking her to do me the favor of notarizing my affidavit.
  8. I then procrastinated for 2 weeks to make it to the court house to hand everything in.
  9. After waiting in line for less than 5 minutes today, I tuned everything in and my case was officially dismissed.
  10. BONUS – Call your car insurance company to see if the defensive driving insurance certificate that you also get will help lower your premiums.  Mom @ Three is Plenty reminded me to add this.  I actually did this the same day I got the case dismissed but it didn’t help us any since we are on a special policy with GEICO.  Two cars, full coverage plus some, $81 a month.

Overall, this was the smoothest process with any ticket I’ve ever heard of.  I know this will sound really weird, but if I had to get a ticket, I’m glad it was with this part of the Harris County court system since it was so well organized!  I know how to be thankful for bureaucracies that actually work, lol!

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  1. Mom @ Three is Plenty

    Don’t forget to send in the completion of the defensive driving course to your insurance to see if it will help your rates! From what I remember, the ticket is expunged from your state record, so as far as the insurance company knows, you took the course for the discount 🙂

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