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How I Make Money Online eBook is FINALLY LAUNCHED!!!

How I Make Money Blogging

Holy moly – it is finally published!!!  I finally finished “How I Make Money Blogging: The Beginner’s Guide to Building a Money-Making Blog”!!! Woot!!! It hits the shelves today!!!  Yippee!!! Learn how to start writing a blog right now!!

The official page can be found here, but here is what you probably want to know the most:


I started Budgeting in the Fun Stuff (BFS) at the end of February 2010 and grew it into a site that has made more than $42,000 as of the end of June 2012. Meanwhile my husband has been doing jobs for stay at home dads to help out with the bills.

I also used 2011 to start several other sites, buy six additional sites to co-own, and I figured out how to make money online. I went from making a salary of $35,500 a year in a cubicle from 2005-2011 to working for myself from home by July 2011!

Since then, I have brought in $6,000 – $23,000 a month from my online endeavors!!!

What the eBook Covers

You can make money blogging as side hustle from home too. This eBook explains in more than 10,000 words how I built BFS so quickly and how you can grow a site from the ground up too. Here are the main points covered:

  • My Background with Blogging
  • Picking a Name, Host, and Blogging Platform
  • Main Parts of a Blog
  • Building Up Your Blog
  • Making Connections
  • SEO
  • Plugins
  • Rankings
  • Types of Ads
  • Ad Rates
  • Handling Offers
  • Tracking your Ads (Free Excel Sheet Example to get you started!)
  • Other Ways to Make Money Blogging
  • Action Plan to Get You Started Right Now

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Plans for HIMMB eBook

Over the next few weeks, you should see:

  • A few bloggers in different stages of blogging have volunteered to follow the action plan in this eBook and we will post regular updates on their progress.
  • I am running an affiliate contest from August 1-31, 2012 to give an extra chance to earn money from home!
  • This has been published on the Kindle.
  • I will be writing about the process of creating an eBook since it was way more involved than I initially thought.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I am positive that you will like this eBook. BUT, if I am wrong, I do offer a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days. This is a true, no questions asked guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied, I will refund all of your money. Period.

17 thoughts on “How I Make Money Online eBook is FINALLY LAUNCHED!!!”

  1. Congrats on the launch! I will definitely be looking into the book an potentially the affiliate program.

  2. Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

    Just bought it — can’t wait to read it and write a review!

  3. Steve @ Grocery Alerts

    Congratulations on the launch – I know how much time it takes to write these books but it is worth it!

  4. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Congrats on the new launch!

  5. Andi B.

    Congrats! Let me know if you’re looking for other people to report on trying it. I have a baby blog right now and I’d love to!

  6. Geoff

    Good stuff Crystal, congrats! ebooks are a lot of work!

  7. Buck Inspire

    Looks like Crystal’s blog empire has expanded into publishing! What can’t she do?!?!? Seriously, CONGRATS!

  8. Motivated Madison

    Congrats!! I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  9. Kim

    Just finished your ebook. Nice to find all that info in a condensed, easy to follow format. I’m excited to get started and hopefully can get a site up and running by the end of the year. I said it, now I have to do it!

  10. Crystal @ BFS

    @Lance, thank you! I see you already jumped in!

    @Kathleen, woot!!! Thank you!!!

    @Steve, I was actually surprised by several things – the writing is not as hard as the editing and publishing…

    @Jenna, thanks!

    @Andi B., thanks but I think we are good – I have 5 or 6 challengers so far…I went a little nuts…

    @Geoff, way more work than I thought but I am so happy! Thank you!

    @Buck, hahahaha. Ummm, I suck at crafts… 😉

    @Motivated Madison, thank you!

    @Kim, yay for finishing!!! Let me know how it goes when you jump in!!! I will hold you to that end of year goal. 🙂

  11. John @ Married (with Debt)

    Congratulations Crystal!

    An eBook is going to take you to the next level, which is the stratosphere. I predict that you will have to update this book to cover launching an eBook to supplement site income.

  12. Crystal @ BFS

    @John, I am actually thinking of starting an eBook about eBooks. 🙂

  13. Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

    Good luck with this newest endeavor.

  14. Funny about Money

    What a great Fourth of July gift! Congratulations — that’s a neat accomplishment. Another neat accomplishment… 🙂

  15. Deep

    Since most of your business is based on link sales for your clients, how stable is this business model considering these panda and penguin updates. I have seen your traffic has dropped along with your PR.

    (Please can you email me with your answer if you don’t wanna display this comment in public, I don’t want to affect your sales but I would certainly like to know the answer, thanks 🙂 )

  16. Crystal @ BFS

    @Marie, thank you!

    @Funny, lol, thanks!

    @Deep, my eBook covers direct ads that were affected by Google more than other stuff, but it also covers the other ad types and other ways to make money blogging. I tried to make sure everyone would know to diversify.

    As for BFS, my traffic dropped 20-25% and my PR is a 0 as of April, but I still have brought in $2600 with BFS from April-June. I figure that making more than $500 a month with direct ads from a single win is the goal of most beginning bloggers and I have not brought in less than $500 from BFS since August 2010 (I started BFS at the end of February 2010).

  17. Leslie

    Just bought the book this morning and devoured it already! Congrats on launching an informative, no geek speak book on a topic that seems insurmountable when you’re starting out. You are an inspiration and hope one day that my GDI parnter Julie and I will be as successful at this as you have been!

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