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How I Make Money Blogging

I found another post in heavy need of updating!  Once you’ve read How to Start a Blog, then How to Grow a Blog, you probably finally want me to cough up how to make money blogging, right?  I originally wrote this post in December 2010 (hence the older comments as well as, hopefully, the newer ones to come *hint, hint*).  Take advantage of what I’ve learned over the last 6 years!

I love it when people share how they make money blogging. There's all sorts of great tips and insider info in this post. She makes thousands every month!

The Beginning

I started blogging with BFS on February 20th, 2010 (I started with Host Monster BUT DON’T – it was bad…I suggest Bluehost or Host Gator).  I had dreams that a whole group of yet-to-know-friends would talk with me about the wonderful subject of money…a subject that my poor husband was pretty tired of hearing about from me, lol.  When I found out that some blogs actually made money, I thought a few hundred a year would be fantastic since it would pay for itself.

By just the end of that first month, I had a few commenters every day.  BFS felt like my special world.  I was hooked.  By the end of that March, I knew that blogging full time would be my dream job. I was also doing online surveys that pay cash.  That’s when I started taking blogging and surveys a little more seriously.  I knew I wanted to try for “real” money. Here’s everything I know.

The Development Process

Please check out my full post on How to Grow a Blog, but to summarize how I did it, I:

  • Commented on at least 20 blogs a week
  • Participated with discussions with other bloggers so people can get to know me
  • Guest posted at least once every week or two
  • Posted a weekly roundup
  • Hosted blog carnivals (pretty much dead now)
  • Tried to help other bloggers and commenters whenever I could

Since I sincerely liked to help and had/have tons of inner-fire for writing and personal finance, most parts of growing my blog were fun for me! Even if parts of that sound daunting to you, you can make up for it with passion in the parts you truly enjoy.

Ways to Make Money Blogging

There are 3 main ways to make money blogging that I know about – advertising, selling your own products, and getting other jobs online thanks to your blog and/or blogging reputation. This is what I had to learn when I set out to learn how to start my own blog.


Since I get asked about the advertising part of online money-making the most, I’m covering it first.

  • CPC/PPC/CPM Ads – Those acronyms stand for Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click, Cost Per 1,000. In short, those are ads that generate revenue for you when someone clicks on them or for every 1000 views. They pay per click, view, or interaction of some sort.  Google AdSense boxes are an example. I’ve heard good things about Media.net. I would suggest only looking into these after you’ve grown your traffic a bit. I took it seriously after hitting 10,000 visitors a month.
  • Affiliate advertising – Simply put, this is receiving money when someone uses your affiliate link to buy a product or service from someone else. There seems to be no limit to what you can make through affiliate advertising and much of it becomes passive after putting a ton of time into growing your site and cross-promoting your posts, and taking advantage of social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Michelle from Making Sense of Cents brings in $50,000+ PER MONTH with affiliate advertising, so I jumped on her Making Sense of Affiliate Advertising e-course as soon as it came out!  The course itself was really helpful and the private Facebook group is pure gold.

Your Own Products

This is pretty straight forward. You can make money by selling your own products directly to people. Specifically, I’m thinking about eBooks, actual books, courses you develop, coaching packages, and physical products that make sense for your niche (seasonings if you are a food blogger, jewelry in the fashion niche, etc).

I tackled this branch by publishing How I Make Money Blogging in 2012 and Managing Your Monthly Nut in 2013. I’m still thinking about writing an eBook or creating a course for starting a pet sitting business, but that is still a twinkle in my eye (or a tingling feeling in my fingers as it were, lol). The people I know that making a living off of selling their own products usually seem to do it through developing courses. Right this second, I’m concentrating on making better content for BFS before tackling any new project.

Your Own Services

The other way to make money blogging is by offering your own services stemming from your blogging reputation. Some ideas in this area would be staff writing (done that and have hired that), commenting-for-hire (done that), blog coaching (done that), being a virtual assistant (sort of doing that by replying to reviews for an Android app), negotiating deals for other bloggers (do that), social media management (OH HELLS NO for me…hired that), etc.

This is how I made good money my first year blogging. I started my site, worked on growing my site, and offered my staff writing services at the same time. At one point in 2010-2011, I was a staff writer on 8 sites every week for a total of 14 weekly posts.

How Do Start All of That?

Whew!  Okay, so that is what’s available after you start blogging and growing.  But how do you find it, right?


You can sign up for Google Adsense whenever you’d like and stick it onto your site. I’d suggest not wasting that space until you have some solid traffic (heck even 1000+). And as you grow, you will either be contacted by other advertisers for these types of ads or you can reach out to ones like Media.net that you hear about from your online buddies.

Affiliate Advertising

As your traffic grows, so does your ability to bring in affiliate income. The only way this makes real money is if you choose affiliates based on something you already would promote, genuinely want to promote, and promote it in a way that actually helps the buyer. Just throwing up affiliate links all over the place isn’t actually helpful, so it will be ignored and make you nothing.  Trust me, I did that for years. I didn’t make my first sale until I started learning from people better than me like Kathleen from For Profit Blogging, Anne from Unique Gifter, Michelle from Making Sense of Cents, and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. Find affiliates in your niche that you love and show people why you love it and how they will love it too. Again, sincerity for the win. Notice a theme yet?

I have several of my own favorite affiliates and companies that I’m looking into. You’ve most likely noticed Bluehost lately. I am a self-employed blogger who’s asked “how does that make money” more often than anything else. Short answer, I started a blog that I loved writing on, my blog grew because people probably picked up on that (people, is that why you keep coming back? 😉 ), and then I started accepting advertising, staff writing, negotiating for others, and writing eBooks.

Being an affiliate for Bluehost makes that first part of the explanation pretty easy, and “easy” is key since most people are only motivated in short spurts. I know because I am most people, lol. It also helps that Bluehost pays their affiliates well and offers a ton of help to their affiliates and customers.

You also may have noticed Ting Wireless, because they impressed the crap out of me when I switched to them. I am avidly attempting (sometimes to the point of annoyance to friends and family) to get everyone to check their rates out just to see if they will save you money too (they are saving me $600-$1000 every year…should have switched sooner). It’s become my life’s purpose to get people to stop wasting money on cell phone plans when I’ve received the exact same cell service and way better customer service through Ting!

I’m also looking into Discover credit card, Netflix, and Redbox simply because I love all of those companies and they end up in some of my posts already. Oh, and Amazon seems to be a happy go to for tons of people, and I do love them (and shop there way too much), but the payout seems slim. At least, thus far. Instead I have learned that I can earn survey junkie rewards which in turn give me Amazon gift cards which makes me feel like I’ve indirectly earned money from them 🙂


Products are up to you. I created my two eBooks because of specific requests and used Create Space and Amazon to self-publish. I also use e-Junkie as the middle man to selling them to people directly and for managing my own affiliates.

How I Make Money Blogging came to be because of dozens and dozens of suggestions/requests/and a few demands in 2011 and early 2012. Managing Your Monthly Nut was specifically requested by three of my friends in 2013…I gave them physical copies and I doubt they read them. It’s easier to sell a thing that is likely to help you make money than a thing that helps you learn how to save money. I think people inherently think that learning self-control isn’t something worth paying for, which is total crap, but human none-the-less.

If you want to create your own courses, email me and I’ll point you to the big bloggers I know of that may already have guides to get you started. I rather not list out dozens here that change with time.


You can find staff writing and other online jobs through those social groups of online bloggers that I suggested earlier that you join or create. Sites like Problogger.net also have listings. Or simply ask around in general either from your own site or by emailing bloggers you know and/or admire. Keep an eye out on the sites you read and comment on since we bloggers do reach out to our community when we need help.

Progress So Far

I don’t know the best way to inspire you to start. BFS by itself has brought in more than $100,000 in advertising since I started in early 2010 through mid-2016. If you add in all of my other online income in the same period of time (ad negotiating, staff writing, eBooks sales, freelancing, etc), I’ve made more than $515,000 before expenses.

I want to help you. If blogging intrigues you, please start today. If all of this has led you in a different direction, no worries (I might have posts about that too, lol). Either way, email me even if you just need a sounding board. My deep-down-in-my-soul belief if that life is for living and the way you can afford that life shouldn’t suck for you. Seriously, we can find your not-suck job. Reach out.

Any suggestions to add? Questions? Feedback? Please, do chime in!!!

68 thoughts on “How I Make Money Blogging”

  1. Jake Stichler

    Of anything, I’m curious as to how you come up with your rates. Reason I ask is that, due to the growing popularity of my blog, I’m not sure where to adjust mine to. And, apparently, in my research on the matter, I have been overcharging the last two years (based on CPM), but the advertisers were more than happy to pay that rate, which just complicates things further.

  2. LifeAndMyFinances

    I can’t say I’m an experienced blogger, and I don’t have that much to add regarding monitization, but I thought I’d make a few comments.

    Your Alexa rank is currently 47,662, which is awesome! And, it looks like it’s still dropping! I think that if you keep up your daily postings and continue to increase your twitter followers and subscriptions, you will certainly make more than $15,000 next year.

    And, I hope you do, because then I can pick your brain when I’m at that stage in the game. My Alexa rank just went from about 5 million down to 818,000 in a couple of weeks! I know I have a long ways to go, but I’m always inspired by your story and I know it can happen for me too.

  3. Tim @ Faith and Finance

    Great work Crystal! I love to see your updates – you’re the inspiration for my updates 🙂

    I haven’t been approached by advertisers yet — but I’d be a little lost since I’m not sure what the going rates are. A little research might help me a bit, but it might be a trial and error situation.

    keep it up!

  4. Moneycone

    I love posts like this! I’m sure you’ll easily hit your target! My initial focus was getting quality content. Though I was aware of Yakezie, I was pretty late to the party – mainly I wanted to get decent traffic before I joined.

    What I didn’t expect was the friendliness of the people! Met (and keep meeting!) some wonderful bloggers!

    I think that is the best advice I can give – join the Yakezie challenge.

  5. Nicole

    Interesting! Nothing to add though…

  6. DoNotWait

    I think you’re doing such a great job! It’s amazing what you did in less than a year. I think the fact you were already commenting and sort of already having friends might have helped you a bit. So nicely done! I think your goal is not impossible. You only have to believe in it.

  7. Car Negotiation Coach

    Hey Crystal, $5200 is great! I hope you reach your goal of a full time income next year.

  8. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jake, I didn’t have a system for my rates. I just tried for as much as possible in the beginning and now I talk with my blogger buddies regularly to make sure I’m not underselling myself.

    I now shoot for $60-$100 a month for homepage ads and $100-$300 for sponsored posts. When my Alexa ranking was 150,000-300,000, I was shooting for $30-$50 a month and $50-ish for sponsored posts. BTW, it is not overcharging – if someone is willing to pay it, that is what your space is worth to them. 🙂

    @LifeAndMyFinances, I really enjoy seeing your comments all the time! You have become one of my “regulars” in my head, lol.

    I think you will be surprised how fast things develop overall. I started blogging as a hobby and was making a few hundred within 8 weeks. It takes a lot of work, but it is work that we blogging addicts would have probably done anyway for free, lol. 🙂

    @Tim, almost everything is trial and error in the online arena, lol. My first rates ever, 2 months after I started my own blog, were $35 a month for homepage ads and $40 for a sponsored post. I moved up to $40-$50 for both within another couple of months. I found out later that I wasn’t negotiating nearly hard enough and stepped it up. I personally would suggest overvaluing your site every time you work a deal because you will be the only one fighting for you. 🙂

    @Moneycone, I could not agree more. I have heard of some awful forums that would intimidate me, but Yakezie is not one of them! I enjoy the Yakezie forums so much because that sort of cooperation is the best part of blogging in my opinion! 🙂

    @Nicole, thanks for reading!

    @DoNotWait, thank you! I think that being a well known commenter helped me too. That in and of itself allowed me to start out with a few regular readers and commenters that motivated me along. Thanks MikeS, Holly, Julie, jim, Kris, and everybody else that have been my longest running fans!!!

  9. Crystal @ BFS

    @Car Negotiation Coach, thank you – I hope so too, lol. What goals are you aiming for right now? It’s been awesome to see your site grow like it has!

  10. BeatingTheIndex

    Crystal, I think your 25k goal is only a matter of time. If it’s not in 2011 it’ll come in 2012 as long as you keep that passion 🙂

  11. Jeff @ Sustainable Life Blog

    Great work so far crystal. It’s nice to see you making such great progress with your blogging, and it’s also nice to see how exactly that you got to where you are. Good luck with you 2011 goal!

  12. Evan

    I think the reason you are so successful (and others in the PF blogging world that are successful) is that money is secondary. You didn’t start your blog to make money and thus your passion shines through.

    Those blogs that start to just make money because they think it is a passive form of income BURN OUT AND FAIL QUICKLY. Keep up the fantastic work.

  13. retireby40

    Thank you for sharing your great success. Good luck next year on hitting your $ goal. It’ll be an inspiration to all of us bloggers. 😀

  14. Briana Ford

    I think that’s awesome, and congratulations on your success! I’m looking to make blogging a business in 2011. I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’m definitely interested in it.

  15. Jackie

    I have to ditto Evan — it’s your awesomeness and passion backed up by daily action that’s enabled you to get where you are so quickly. It’s just a matter of time before you meet your goal.

    On the earning money side of things, I mainly make money from my blog using the same methods as you. A few other ideas to consider are an e-book and becoming an affiliate for a product that has really helped you (and that offers a generous payout to affiliates.)

  16. Everyday Tips

    Crystal, I know you will achieve what you want because you are determined. I think you can and will do anything you set your mind too, and you will help others along the way. That is part of what makes you so great. You aren’t in this for just you, you are in it for everyone.

    It has been great having you as a friend. Often times I would just be bummed about this or that with blogging and you always put it in perspective.

    You can and will do it!

  17. Squirrelers

    As I always say, great job! You’re such a good blogging friend (and must-read), and your positive, helping nature will propel you to reach your goals.

  18. Aloysa

    Your goals are great. Your results are fantastic. You are my inspiration, girl!

  19. Andy Hough

    You are doing great. I’ve been blogging since 2005 and I make about the same money as you. You are also making money much sooner than I did. I can’t offer any advice, I’ll be reading to see what I can learn from you.

  20. Molly On Money

    I think your message is clear- it takes a lot of work! I have a hard time writing two posts a week and commenting on my top 20 favorite blogs.
    My 12 yr old daughter just started her own blog (we give her writing assignments!) and she’s gets so down about her ‘stats’. I’m ready to pull the plug on it before she loses her self-esteem over the whole thing…Blah!

  21. What an interesting post! I love hearing success stories and yours is an inspiration to me. I am still in the slow, slow phase – learning how to get the traffic. Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  22. Barb Friedberg

    Crystal, You’ve been a great blogging pal, stepping up to shoot me a post, when I was swamped. And I love guest posting here as your readers are wonderful. You deserve all your success!

  23. Buck

    Hey Crystal,

    I’m gonna sound like a broken record. I think everyone agrees, you’re one of the dynamos in the Yakezie community. Congrats on your success and keep up your inspiring work! 🙂

  24. eemusings

    I haven’t made any money off ym blog at all, though I’ve been able to host a couple of giveaways 🙂

    I don’t care if I don’t make a profit- I do it for fun. What does annoy me is that I’ve been mucked around by a potential advertiser, and after a long string of emails, I never heard anything further from them (we were basically about to seal the deal). I’d been planning to use that money to make my first Kiva loan :@ It’s something I’ve been wanting to do but putting off because of the NZ/US exchange rate – I figured if I ever attract an advertiser, they’ll be paying in US and I can then put that into Kiva.

  25. Crystal @ BFS

    @BeatingTheIndex, I will reach out for a kick in the butt if my passion ever starts lagging, promise. 🙂 Thanks!

    @Jeff, thank you very much!

    @Evan, I think you are so right! You just can’t do well as quickly if you don’t actually love what you are doing. I’m so glad I discovered this whole blogging world!!!

    @retireby40, thank you.

    @Briana, it’s only hard 10% of the time with me. There are just some days where I don’t feel like writing, but 90% of the time, this blogging thing is my own personal happy place, lol.

    @Jackie, I’ve been mulling over the idea of an e-book. I am trying to think of some way I could enjoy a writing goal that large and include anything that would really help my readers. Maybe after my 1 year blogoversary, I will actually write an e-book about the whole experience up to that point in detail – like a more thorough “How to Make Money Blogging in Your First Year” or something. We’ll see, but thanks for bringing it up! 🙂

    @Everyday Tips, has anyone told you that you are one heck of a cheerleader?! Thank you so much!

    @Squirrelers, thank you. I love the fact that blogging is one of the few businesses that I can help others succeed without hurting myself! Maybe that’s why it’s so perfect for me! Keep up the great work on your site too! I enjoy your pov!

    @Aloysa, congrats on the new staff writing gig at Beating Broke! You are an inspiration too.

    @Andy, thank you so much for that huge boost! I will try to help everyone out with any tricks I learn along the way. 🙂

    @Molly, I am so glad I wasn’t in my teens (or pre-teens) when I started. It does feel like a huge popularity contest sometimes and rejection hurts. What’s her site (if she doesn’t mind sharing)? Maybe I can drum up some readers for her. 🙂

    @marie, glad I can help!

    @Barb, you are a great blogging buddy yourself! Thanks for your support!

    @Buck, I love broken records when they are nice to me, lol. Seriously, thank you.

    @eemusings, yeah, it is hard to deal with attacks and intimidation from advertisers and some commenters. The trick is to vent to blogging buddies, bad mouth the offender together, and make a joke out of it for the future. It takes the sting off. There will be other advertisers though. 🙂

  26. Crystal @ BFS

    Thank you to everybody for the many kind words!!! I told my husband to remind me about this thread next time I’m feeling a bit down! 🙂 You all are the best readers ever!!!

  27. Fig

    Wow, you are doing great! I’ve made about $10 for adsense over a couple months, so I’ve got a looong way to go. I’d love to make just a couple hundred a month – that would help out so much since I’m unemployed right now!

  28. Tim | Every Peso Counts

    Hi Crystal,

    You are such a hardworker and I hope that like you, I could also attract future advertisers in my blog. Like most people I’ve read here, I seem to be lacking some negotiating skills… And at the current level of my traffic, it seems a little hard to know whether I’m overcharging or not… But you’re right, if someone is willing to pay for it then I’m not overcharging. Hmmm… I guess that is the perceived value of your blog?

  29. Crystal @ BFS

    @Fig, just keep commenting and posting regularly and you’ll build up all your stats and income. Good luck!

    @Tim, exactly, it’s all a game of perceived value. If your rates are being scoffed at by more than a couple of advertisers, you lower them. If they start being jumped on without much thought, you raise them. 🙂

  30. MD

    You’ve been very successful with launching and monetizing your blog.

    Can I offer some suggestions for an increase in income?

    1. Freelance writing.
    2. Selling products.
    3. Affiliate marketing.

    These are just a few more common strategies that you can explore.

    Good luck with the $25K next year!

  31. Crystal @ BFS

    @MD, thanks! I do make freelance writing income from my staff writing at Sweating the Big Stuff – I just don’t include it in my blogging income stats.

    I really need to look into selling products and affiliate marketing. I just don’t have much luck with affiliates since I don’t push products well. I am thinking about creating my own e-book next year, “How to Make $10,000 in Your First Year of Blogging”. 🙂 We’ll see if I’m in the mood for that kind of project next year or not…

    Thanks again!

  32. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog


    You have a great mix going. A winning combination for me on my niche content websites has been the following:

    1) Affiliate commissions
    2) Private paid ads (non Adsense types)
    3) Digital product sales (ebooks and videos)
    4) Donations

    My blog currently only monetizes through affiliate commissions. I do not plan on ads as it takes a visitor away from the blog. I will be mixing in private placement ads and other methods shortly. Right now, like you, the blog is in the development/building stages. Maintenance is still a far fetching thought.

  33. Crystal @ BFS

    @Sunil, I was just thinking about adding a “Donate” button to my site. Do people actually donate? Have you ever gotten any comments about it being offensive?

    I am also seriously contemplating writing my own e-book. It just seems like a huge project though…

  34. Sustainable PF

    Thanks for this Crystal – we learn more every day! We would love to have your success but it has been slow going this first month with about $6.50 in revenue. Only the first month though!

  35. Crystal @ BFS

    @Sustainable PF, I made about 30 cents my first month of blogging, so CONGRATS!

  36. Jim Smith - UHNW

    I love these success posts Crystal. It inspires me to keep going whenever my Alexa rank flattens out (as it has over the last week at about 490,000 because I had to travel for work). Keep it up, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  37. Get Happy Life

    I am glad that someone proves that money can be made blogging. Hopefully you will reach your goal of $25,000

  38. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jim, I get the same boost when I hear success stories from other bloggers too. J Money at Budgets Are Sexy just got fired and I think it’s going to be a HUGE blessing for him since he already started his own business. His success will help me keep up the hard work more…

    Good luck with your Alexa! I’ll hit your site more often from my comp at home since it has the toolbar…

    @Get Happy Life, thanks!

  39. Sharon

    I never understood all the ads on blogs, but you have made some serious money in a short period of time. I may have to rethink the whole “ad” thing, although I’m not much of a fan.

    I hope I helped out your “new” traffic! :)! In the meantime, I’ll stick around for a while and read a bit…

    Here’s to a prosperous 2011!

  40. Peter

    You’ve got a great start here, and you’re already making more than most bloggers ever do! My advice, just stick to it, be a student of what other successful bloggers are doing, and when you find something that works, do more of it!

    As far as rates,what I’ve always done is to charge as much as i think I can get, and if they balk at that, start backing down slowly – and be ready to say no to an ad if they don’t value your site space as much as you do.

  41. Crystal @ BFS

    @Sharon, thanks so much for visiting! I know the ads seem tacky, but yes, please keep in mind that your favorite bloggers are spurred on by financial goals too. 🙂 I hope you liked what you saw here and come back to comment whenever you wish!

    @Peter, good advice. I really need to work more on my search engine optimization…I just write what I’m thinking and don’t cater enough to all the extras…

    Good advice on rates too! I have only made one deal that I regret and that has taught me never to undervalue BFS again. 🙂

  42. NoTrustFund

    Congratulations on all your hard work paying off!

  43. Finanzas Personales

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Crystal! Your success is a direct result of all the effort and hard work you’ve devoted to the blog. I’m sure much bigger things will come in the future and we’ll be congratulating you again in the following months. Keep up the good work!!!

  44. Roy

    I’ve bookmarked this post and will be referring back to it over and over and over again, for inspiration 🙂 Thanks Crystal!

  45. Mary J


  46. Annette

    Everyone says to accomplish a dream you actually have to try for it! Most celebrities promote going for it. Its nice to see it actually work. Keep up the good work. I think you made an important point when you said blogging about your favorite subject made it possible. You can tell you have a solid business background with some very practical experience; but you are approaching it from the social side. Thinking prices on some things are rising enough, everyone will be looking for posts like yours.
    Wish you well! Hope your numbers keep getting better and you get to the point where you are turning down guest posts!

  47. Crystal @ BFS

    @No Trust Fund, thank you!

    @Finanzas, thank you and I hope you are right, lol.

    @Roy, that is the absolute best compliment to a blogger, thank you!

    @Annette, thank you so much for the support! It is highly motivating to actually pursue a dream instead of just hoping for something. Anyway, thank you!

  48. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog


    Apologies for the DELAYED response. I have received one email in all the years I have been making money online regarding the Donate button being “offensive”. Other than that most people ignore it, and some people donate to it. I have a health related website that helps folks heal naturally from a certain injury, that website generates a good amount of donation. Between all the sites, I’d say I get about $75-100 + – in donations each month. When I filed taxes this year, I tallied up donations via my PayPal account and it came out to $1,300. I donated the sum to the United Way foundation and will take the tax write off next year.

    As for ebooks, they are truly passive. The bigger the project the bigger the rewards. I am looking forward to your first ebook! Just commit to it publicly and you’ll soon have it done 😉

  49. Barb Friedberg

    Crystal, As usual, insightful article!! I admire your translucency.

  50. Anastasia Kinkusic

    Hi Crystal! Your success story is truly inspirational. I am looking into Blogging – always been a writer or a talker, depending 🙂 But as a newbie, what do people actually blog about? I know it’s a simple question, but a sincere one. Best to you, and like the others, I think you will make your goal. (So will I – once I figure out what it is!)

  51. Carlton Seek

    It is a fact that affiliate marketing is among the simplest and most efficient ways to generate income online. However, you will have to make an effort right until you can generate income from your affiliate business. You must work hard if you want to achieve success and you will also have to apply certain tools in order to earn money.

    1. Commitment: The very first thing you have to do is to commit to yourself that you are serious with your choice, you’re serious with building your own business, serious about taking 100% responsibility with whatever you do. You might think that this sounds ridiculous, but it’ll guide you rightly on your journey. Once you can think, and are responsible like a real business owner, you’ll stand out from people.

    2. Education: The next important part that can make or break your business is your education, or your knowledge about this online business. Most people failed because they did not know exactly what Internet Affiliate Marketing is, how it works, and how they can do things correctly. If you want to see results in the long run, you must arm yourself with enough knowledge. Don’t let something that you don’t know holds you back.

    3. Focus: The laser beam can break through even the thickest plate of metal because it focuses its energy. You can break even everything if you stay focus too. Fact is, people have no advantages over you, everyone starts at the same level, the reason why some have success, some don’t lies in the word “focus”. Focus on what you can do best, on what you know the most, and go with them, you’ll join the 5% group soon.

    4. Taking actions: Isn’t it true that only taking actions can bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve results just by sitting there, making a wish! It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far to real actions. I know this is the hardest part, but believe me that when you can do the very first action toward your goals, the next steps will come naturally. Whatever you do, make sure that it guides you to your goals!

    5. Don’t quit: Quitters are losers! In fact, if you’re serious with your online business, having enough knowledge about what you’re doing, and are taking actions persistently, chances are you’ll never quit! Congratulations! Because most people came in fast, but they quit soon as well. If you just stay focus, taking actions, and don’t quit, you’ll be successful. Guaranteed!

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    And you can also contact me on [email protected] I’ll be more than happy out there to help

  52. Edwin @ Save The Bills

    That sounds like a real busy blogging schedule. Hopefully your hard work pays off and you’ll not only reach your goal this year, but surpass it.

  53. Lisa Mavridis

    Good luck nice to hear success stories. I am just starting out in blogging so I like to hear what others do to make theirs profitable.

  54. Kathryn C

    Thank you for letting me know about Yakezie, I’m new to this so trying to learn as I go, thank you!

  55. Michael

    My entry:
    […] How I Make Money Blogging (Blogging) – I enjoy blogging more than anything else I’ve ever done as a hobby or job in my life. My online community is one of the first things I look forward to in the morning and blogging is the last thing I do almost every night. This post covers how I’ve made nearly $6000 between February and December 2010 doing what I love. Check out how I turned a hobby into a sixth of my actual income in less than a year! […]

  56. Christine

    Hi Crystal, great job! The only thing id be conscious of with text ads is it can negatively affect your page rank (if you are concerned with that). Other than that… Congrats. To blog fulltime with a sustainable income. Awesome.

  57. Sassy Chef Recipes

    Oh I love the hell out of blogging. It keeps me sane throughout the year, and I am very much inspired by your progress. I haven’t seen much progress since I started blogging, but I do understand that I should have been more into blogging. Being in college keeps getting in the way though, but in a few days I will be graduating and I will have more time than ever.

    It won’t hurt to earn some money off blogging, but I think I will need a lot more info on that because I’m a total noob.

  58. Mackenzie Bennet

    I am really wondering and curious how many marketers have been using blogs in making more money compare to those who are utilizing social media as the method in making money easier.

  59. My University Money

    Thanks for helping all of us out like that Crystal. Before I found you and the rest of the Yakezie crew I kind of felt like I was stumbling through everything by trial and error. Now I feel that I have a lot of people to ask for input on stuff like advertising rates. Best of luck with everything. Have you thought about putting out an ebook on how you built up your blogging network? Low overhead, good profit margins I bet. I would pay $20 for it for sure!

  60. Crystal @ BFS

    @My University Money, I have actually started an eBook but haven’t made a ton of progress yet (got busy, lol). It will be called How I Make Money Blogging too. 🙂

  61. Financial Success for Young Adults

    It’s so interesting to see how everything started! When you wrote this post I had just started my blog. The first year is definitely the year that tests your dedication like Evan mentioned. I wish you all the success in years to come. (That sounds a little Hallmark like but I cared enough to send the very best! lol And I really mean it.)

  62. Benjamin

    Very inspiring article on getting started making money blogging. There are so many mistakes beginners (and experienced bloggers) make and they often burn themselves out after a supposed “homerun article” doesn’t result in the success they had hoped for! There is certainly a lot of competition these days when it comes to blogging so I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much for overnight success, but if you’re passionate about a particular topic and stick with it, readers will come!

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    Thanks for this article, starting the blog experience with a finance blog, and this is of great help!


  65. Helen

    By direct links you don’t mean do-follow ones, do you??

  66. Crystal @ BFS

    @Helen, yes, direct link advertisers usually are placing dofollow links. That’s why that’s the controversial way. CPM ads and affiliate advertising are the ways that most big bloggers tackle. 🙂

  67. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

    This is fab. You are doing so well! Thanks for all of the tips.

  68. Crystal @ BFS

    @Francesca, thank you and hope the tips help!

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