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My Honda Fit – How We Bought a Car

I posted Monday about targeting a new car since it is just time to move on from my 2005 Chevy Aveo.  Well, I was offered a deal that I didn’t want to pass up!  Here is my new 2013 Honda Fit!!!

My New 2013 Honda Fit!
This is my personal TARDIS – my new 2013 Honda Fit

I should probably explain here that there was no “2014 Honda Fit”.  They are skipping directly from the 2013 model to the 2015 model that will be out in a couple of months.  So a 2013 Honda Fit is as new as it gets and this one had 58 miles on it and was built in December 2013.

Buying a Car

I’ve been researching cars since last Wednesday.  Once I was 99% sure that I wanted the Honda Fit more than any of my other options, I researched the poop out of it.  Specifically, I:

  • Read everything they had on new and used Honda Fits on https://kelleybluebook.com and https://www.edmunds.com.  I read their info and ALL of the user reviews.
  • Used search engines to find even more personal positive and negative reviews.  The majority of the negative reviews were about singular vehicle issues.  The ones about general stuff, like road noise, I noted down for my test drive.  I found the Fit to be much quieter than my Aveo and it handles super easily.  Like a go kart, which was listed as a negative for a few people, but I enjoy it so far!
  • Searched Craigslist for every Honda Fit for sale there – new and used.  Found that the dealers were selling the new, 2013 Honda Fits for $18k-$19k drive out or $14k-$15k for low mileage used ones.  Individuals were selling low mileage used ones for around $12k.
  • Looked up the basic tires on Discount Tires, which is where we always buy tires, to make sure they aren’t super special $200 each tires or something hinky.
  • Research an extended warranty for used cars that have been out of warranty for awhile. Those repairs get expensive.
  • Used search engines to ensure that insurance for a Honda Fit isn’t amazingly higher than for any other subcompact I was looking at.

Gettin’ Lucky

Now, here’s where I just got lucky…

I still had the contact info for the Honda salesman that Isabelle and I used about a year ago, Mr. Harper.  He was friendly, straight-forward, and worked out a very fair deal for Isabelle’s Honda Civic.  I emailed Mr. Harper and asked for him to let me know if they got in a used Honda Fit with less than 40,000 miles for $12,000 drive-out or a brand new one for $15,500 drive-out.

He called me 4 hours later with the offer for a brand new Fit, automatic, with tinted windows, for $16,356 drive-out at 0.9% interest.  The automatics were normally $1500 more expensive than the manuals, so I jumped on this deal.

Here’s what I wasn’t really expecting.  Mr. BFS and I drove to the dealership yesterday, arrived at 11:15am, did the test drive, filled out all of the paperwork, and left the dealership at 1pm WITH my 2013 Honda Fit at $16,356 DRIVE-OUT!!!  Not one number changed.  There were no hard sales.  Even the finance manager was friendly and laid back as we declined the extras.

The final numbers came down to $16,356 at 0.9% for 5 years.  That’s about $279 a month for 5 years.  There is no prepayment penalty, so we could pay off the car loan at any time, BUT we might not.  If we don’t, we spend $380 on interest in 5 years ($16,735 total). I also wasn’t expecting that we would save money with one of the cheapest car insurance companies this time around.  If we do have extra money to throw at it, we may throw it at the 4% interest mortgage loan instead.  😉

Buying a Car

In the end, here are my suggestions on buying a new car:

  • First, you have to narrow down your options.  That was hard for me.
  • Research, research, research!  You have to make sure you know what you are getting and how much it may cost.
  • Look at all of your buying options – new or used, Craigslist or dealerships.  You may be surprised.  Generally, you will get the best deal by buying used from an individual.  If you do go that route, just have the car checked by a mechanic before handing over the cash.  If you go through a dealer, make sure you work out the deal before going in – makes it so much easier!  And be ready to leave if they mess with you.

I’m super happy!!!  A new Honda should be able to make it 10-15 years for me (100,000+ miles) without as many worries about quality as I’ve had for the last 9 years.  I’m getting my Chevy Aveo cleaned up today and will post about selling it if it all works out by the end of the weekend as hoped.

What do you think?  What car buying tips would you suggest?

14 thoughts on “My Honda Fit – How We Bought a Car”

  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    I didn’t get to post yesterday but I’m so glad you went with a honda. They are just well made cars and popular so parts are not scarce! I wanted to scream do not buy a Hyundai! They do not hold their value very well. Experienced that with an elantra and a tiburon. I’m personally a Nissan girl, but Honda and Toyota are close seconds. I love my sentra…although with the kids I loved my Murano more!

    Congrats on the new wheels!

  2. SavvyFinancialLatina

    That was fast! And a really good deal! Pretty cool 🙂

  3. Mrs. PoP

    That is definitely a guy to keep track of – I love people who deal straight with me. We have a similar contact at a honda dealership not far from us where we bought our car 4 years ago, though we bought from the used lot, so it’s not even a Honda. But they were so awesome, that we will definitely keep them in mind next time we’re in the market and have recommended them to others.

  4. So glad you went for the Honda. Plus you got an amazing deal. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  5. E.M.

    Awesome news, congrats on the purchase! I’m glad everything went so smoothly. Buying a car can be such a hassle, but dealing with friendly, straight-forward salesmen is much nicer. It also helps when you’ve done your research on pricing.

  6. MikeS

    Congrats on the new ride!! Research pays off. The less informed you are, the more you’re going to pay.

  7. Yay! I am glad this worked out so quick and easy for you. I know sometimes getting a car can be as stressful as buying a house :-). Honda is a great choice for something that holds its value, and I hope it’s a better experience than the Chevy.

  8. Mom @ Three is Plenty

    Glad you found something you like at a price you like. Contacts like yours at the dealer are worth their weight in gold! I also suspect that you’ll get well more than 100k out of the Fit should you chose to keep it that long. My civic had 187k on it when I donated it. Hubby’s accord has 158k now, and our mechanic expects it to keep going until it’s 300k+

  9. Mortgage Free Mike

    Congrats on the cute car!
    My advice to people looking for a car is to not be desperate. If you’re willing to walk, the salesperson will suddenly come around. You might have to physically walk. The next day, however, you’ll get a phone call with a better offer. Car shopping is a good way to practice your negotiating skills. Hopefully you can use those skills to get a raise at your job, too!

  10. Zee @ Work To Not Work

    I have the 2010 Fit and I love it. It’s a solid car, I’ve never had any issues with it and it gets great mileage. It can also carry a lot if you need which was one of the things I really was looking for.

    I was trying to think if there were any negatives that I have really come across yet but honestly I can’t think of any. Congrats on the new car!

  11. dave

    Nice car Crystal and congrats on the purchase!

    I’ve driven a honda all my life – super reliable, you’re going to love it!

  12. EL @ Moneywatch101

    Nice Car Crystal. I know many people who prefer hondas over any other brand. Good Luck.

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @MomofTwo, we were looking at the Murano a few years ago and ended up with a Prius, LOL. Thanks for reading!

    @Savvy, it was fast. But I am still super happy with my new baby a week later, so yay!!!

    @Mrs. Pop, I’m keeping Mr. Harper’s info forever. He’s an awesome guy. 🙂 I already have a friend I’m helping connect with Mr. Harper since they want a new Civic. 🙂

    @Raquel, thanks!

    @E.M. exactly. 🙂

    @MikeS, yep!

    @Sher, it has to be better than the Aveo, right?

    @Mom of 3, from your lips…

    @Mortgage Free Mike, good advice. 🙂

    @Zee, that’s what I love to hear! Thanks. 🙂

    @dave, thanks!

    @EL, thank you!

  14. Lisa E. @ Lisa vs. the Loans

    Doing your research makes such a difference when buying a new car! The BF just got a Honda Fit (2007, but still runs amazing) and he absolutely loves it! So easy to handle, and incredibly easy to park – which is super important here in the SF Bay Area!

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