Home Owner’s Association Bullies

Living in an HOA has some plusses, like services, amenities, no rusted out cars in front yards and whatnot, but boy can it be challenging. Before you buy a house in an HOA, read up on the challenges of living with a Home Owners Association and some of the risks and limitations you might face. These insights have me thinking twice about buying in a neighborhood with an HOA.

I love my house.  I really, really do.  I also knew that we were moving into a neighborhood with a home owner's association, but I didn't realize how annoying that really can be!  Ugh.  And I feel silly because I was warned.  My parents have been in a neighborhood with a crazy HOA for years and years where they even had to increase their home insurance rates to stay in compliance with HOA requirements..  All of my friends and family were jealous of our last little subdivision since it was HOA-free.  But none of that prepares you for receiving stupid little letters and wanting to poke someone in the eye…

It's Only Been 4 Months

Yep, we didn't move in until mid-October 2012, so we have only been here for 4 months.  And we've already received 5 letters about deed restriction violations.

  • The first one was because we left one of our vehicles in the street for more than 6 hours.  I called and asked about it.  They said it was mainly to prevent cars from being left in the street overnight.  We don't do that, so the inspector said we were fine…
  • Then it was for having a vehicle that leaked oil (even though we have a drip pan under it).  I told them it had a drip pan and they said it was fine.
  • Then it was for having some weeds in our flower bed in mid-January since winter was not very cold this year.  We got them weeded.
  • Then it was for cleaning up the few oil stains that were caused before the drip pan was brought in.  Our roommate is handling that now.
  • And now they are threatening a $50 fine and lost access to our swimming pool and clubhouse if we keep leaving a car in the street for more than 6 hours.  I have started an email string asking why they are escalating this if the inspector said we were fine more than a month ago.  I also let them know that I am documenting our five main vehicles when they are in the street with time dated pictures to prove that we aren't violating any restrictions at all.

I Hate Bullies

Here is where I am going to vent/whine.  I hate bullies.  I really do think that deed restrictions exist to keep a neighborhood nice, which I support.  But these passive agressive letters are driving me insane.  I also think they are not following the spirit of their rules.

My home is well kept, my lawn is mowed during the warm seasons (early April through the end of October and once or twice during the winter), and we never park up the street to make it unpassable.  We live next to a vacant utility lot and the street is extra wide, so even when we do park a max of two of our own cars on the curb, we aren't slowing down passing traffic at all.  And our cars are all brought into the garage and driveway every evening before bed.  It just doesn't make sense to play Chinese fire drill all day when all of our schedules are so different.  We have 2 college students, 2 self-employed people who run errands, and a 6am-8pm day job worker all balancing their schedules and keeping their cars accessible without affecting anyone else including our neighbors.

What I'm Doing About It

I will be attending the next HOA meeting whether it's on my bowling league night or not.  I also really am documenting our 5 vehicles and stated that any fines or restrictions would be pursued legally since we aren't keeping our vehicles in the street.  I also already asked the management company via email what they would like us to do when we have guests over.  I specifically asked if there was a visitor's lot or something since our get togethers last longer than 6 hours.  Or what we were supposed to do when someone stayed the night since I refuse to make them drive exhausted or drunk.  I'm waiting on their response, which they said should be emailed back to me by today.

Overall, I'm just annoyed and am waiting to hear back.  What would you do?  Have you ever had to handle HOA crud like this? The frustrating thing is we were thinking of doing some improvements to our house and this has kind of distracted from that. Home equity loan interest rates are looking good and we would like to take advantage of that and use the funds to improve certain things about the house.

Update 2/14/13 – Right after this posted on February 13, I received a letter in the mail about my delinquent account (and it showed my balance plus like $30 in fees).  I already spoke to them last week about them sending the original bill to the wrong address – I only received it the evening of February 6 and sent their check in the morning mail of February 7.  So I emailed the actual people I spoke to about that and already received a response this morning that my account has a $0 balance and they apologize the notice was even sent.  Yay!  So I then emailed those two people back directly about my other issues and am waiting to hear back.

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  1. 20's Finances

    wow – no better word describes it than ridiculous.

  2. HOAs are rough. In Brooklyn it was hit-or-miss with co-ops as well. It’s the nature of people…some are cool…some not so much!

  3. Michelle

    UGH this all stinks! My mom used to have a HOA at her house. They were ridiculous. One time we had a SMALL party and they called the cops and said there were drugs and some other things (that were WAY worse) going on at the house. It was all false.

  4. Mom @ 3isplenty

    When I lived in a townhouse, our HOA were stick their nose in people’s business annoying – When I bought the house, our fence was painted white – when it needed re-painting, I did so, and got a nasty letter telling me to replace the fence since they hadn’t approved the white. I fought it with pictures from before I purchased the house, and since they had issued a letter to me at purchase stating that the house was in full compliance with the rules, it was still in full compliance.

    Now, we live in a neighborhood with a much more relaxed HOA – don’t leave crap in your front yard, follow all the county rules for permits and stuff, and ask your neighbors for the OK before you paint/majorly change your house colors, and they leave you alone. When we bought the house, we specifically looked for a house with no HOA (very rare in this area), or a really relaxed one (talk with the neighbors). I’d really rather not have an HOA at all, but ours is pretty cool. I think it really depends on the HOA and the HOA leaders – some of them are just busybodies that have nothing better to do with their time than go trolling for violations.

  5. Not sure what I would do since I haven’t had a HOA that is that nuts. I would start by talking to a few neighbors to get a sense of what the neighborhood feeling is. Is this an out of control board that might be replaced with a little organization or is the whole neighborhood like this? That might determine your strategy. Clearly, someone has nothing better to do than watch your parked cars all day.

  6. TB at BluecollarWorkman

    I HATE HOAs. HATE. Actually I had this post not too long ago about an HOA legal battle: https://bluecollarworkman.com/legal-battle-over-a-sagging-balcony/. Anyway, I think you’re handling it good. The documentation is good and the qustion about what to do iwth guests. I would add that you should tell them that if they continue to harass you with letters for things that you aren’t actually even doing wrong, that you’ll charge them with harrassment. I believe that’s something you can do. You won’t want to, because it’s just more paperwork and BS, but the threat of it might make them lay off a bit (if they realize that you know your legal rights and that they dont’ get to walk all over you — you have legal recourse too, in the name of a harrassment suit).

  7. Angella

    Our old house was in an HOA community and it was a nightmare. Our door was kicked in while we were at work one day, so we replaced it. Two years later a management company took over the HOA and sent us nasty letters telling us to replace our door so it matched the others, threatening to “enter the property and make all necessary repairs” and then bill us for them. HA! It was a townhouse and our HOA covenants stated the HOA was responsible for all outside/exterior maintenance. A leak happened over our bed and it took over a month to get anyone to call us back, then they claimed they weren’t responsible for the roof, we were. How does that make sense for a townhouse?

    Oh I could go on and on! HOA’s make me rage!! We had a parking issue too. We only had a 2 car parking pad and no extra parking in the neighborhood, so visitors would park by the curb. Even for just 30 minutes, and we’d get nasty emails/letters about it. Where the hell are my guests suppose to park?! My parents have the worst HOA though. Being fined daily for not having a fence, so they bought fence materials, then the HOA wouldn’t approve the install until they painted their house. It’s so stupid. Document every thing. I will never, ever tolerate an HOA again. Ooh this is long lol, sorry.

  8. Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Ah, HOAs. I live in a condo, so it’s the same difference. My spouse sits on the board, so that helps temper things. For the most part, they’re pretty relaxed. The absolute biggest battle was over keeping bikes on balconies. The then-president didn’t like them and it led to a 6 hour AGM. We can’t keep them on balconies anymore, but at least we can still bring them up to our units (no way I’m leaving my rather pricey road bike in the parkade!)

  9. retired

    Its probably your neighbors who are reporting you. They might read this blog, so at least you get hits. But my brother never wrote a blog and got monthly letters to re-plant his flowers because they were dying. I went to his house fairly often. His yard looked fine, even immaculate. If you looked, some mums had died and he had not removed them. He and his wife worked overseas a lot, for months at a time, and the plants had died down. So he pulled them out and put in artificial flowers. He received 3 letters in one week telling him to remove the artificial flowers (which looked quite realistic and were not faded or anything)and replace them with real ones. I did not know having flowers could be a deed restriction, but it was, so after 9 more months of harassment, he sold the house and moved. Made a profit. The neighborhood hasn’t done too well since, looks like the HOA “won” and everyone moved out.
    Trying to run someone out of your neighborhood is not intelligent, so just remember you are not dealing with intelligent people. A lot of for sale signs in the neighborhood is just as bad as cars parked in the drive or street. Using the HOA to “bully” a neighbor never ends well for the neighborhood. Three of our neighborhood presidents have faced criminal charges, one went to jail. Every 10 years one of the managers embezzles the money. HOA’s suck. If they collect more than $25/month and have more than 200 houses they have enough financial power to employ their own lawyer, at least on retainer, so you will be funding any legal battle on both sides. Worse than the government. We are looking for our own land, without HOA or utility easements. Today AT&T gave us a letter they will be digging up our back and both side yards to determine where and how to run their new cable lines. The only existing cable company in the area ran all its lines on the telephone poles and buried them along the sewer easement. AT&T thinks it would be better for them to run them in a different location to avoid cutting the lines…. and I just planted my garden, grrrrr. 22 years of no easement requests, plant a garden, and poof, we need to dig it up.
    Good luck. Don’t dwell on the letters. Just treat it like business, answer it, then get on with your life. The sun still comes up and sets, the air still feels good on your cheeks, and most people don’t waste their time bothering others thankfully. Most public swimming pools are infested with a fungus that can cause allergies and respiratory infections, so no big loss there.

  10. krantcents

    I live in a gated community that has an HOA. I went to board meetings and joined the board the next year. I have been an officer (Treasurer, of course)for 14+ years. I see the rules as a way of maintaining the community, but they do not have to be rude about it. Get involved and the rest of the community will know you. It is harder to be rude or nasty to someone you respect.

  11. Denise @ The Single Saver

    I would bet any amount of money that the trouble-maker is within sight of your front door. One of your neighbors doesn’t like the look of the car that parks on the street (probably not high end enough for their taste), so they choose to report it constantly. You are doing the best thing in documenting the arrival/removal time of your cars. If they keep harassing you, have a lawyer send them a copy of your documentation along with a letter explaining you will file a civil suit against the HOA for harassment if they continue to threaten you without justification. You may even want to invest in a camera that you can have record the going-ons in your driveway and street so that you have video proof of the cars being moved. Like you, I HATE bullies.

  12. gharkness

    You need to get yourself elected to the HOA board. That’s the first step in the right direction. Yes, you will be swimming upstream but at least you can moderate and slow them down a bit. Slowly you might be able to get others on the board that see things more like you do.

    I also have an HOA and we have lived in this same house for 12 years. The only thing they are absolutely frantic about is collecting their assessments. Other than that, they leave us alone and I have not had one letter from them in all these years. (We certainly keep the house up but no one in their right mind would ever nominate us for yard-of-the month – and no one ever has, either!)

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @20’s Finances, yep.

    @Tony, I think the Treasurer is reporting me over and over (he lives down the street).

    @Michelle, OMG! That sucks!

    @Mom @ 3isplenty, glad you found a better HOA! That fence thing would have infuriated me!

    @JT, if I can’t resolve this via email, my next task is to go door to door and ask neighbors for their HOA feedback…

    @TB, I hate bringing legal threats into it, but it may be the way I have to go if my emails don’t work. It is good to let bullies know that you know your rights.

    @Angella, that sounds hellish! I guess it’s good to know that it could be worse, but it could also mean that this could just get worse. Poop. I really didn’t give the proper credit to not having an HOA to deal with before…

    @Anne, several people have suggested that I get on the board. That may just be something that I have to do…

    @retired, I remember Uncle J’s problems. I think I’ll take your suggestion – just deal with it and move on…consider it just an errand for owning the house we want…

    @krantcents, yeah, I will be attending the next meeting…I may get on the board if they continue ticking me off…

    @Denise, I’m 99% sure that you are right…the HOA treasurer lives across the empty lot from me. Yep, if this doesn’t go away, I will be looking into hiring a lawyer for a quick batch of scare ’em paperwork. I rather not have to get a camera, but I will if it gets worse.

    @gharkness, I may actually do that even though I don’t want any more on my plate right now. We’ll see…

  14. Grayson @ Debt Roundup

    Most HOA’s are ridiculous and most are run by power hungry people that can’t think for themselves. They have crazy rules that make no sense. I got a letter one time because I had one small weed in my driveway. My neighbor had a grass jungle in his yard for more than 4 months and they did nothing about it. They said they would have fined me for the weed if it wasn’t taken care of. I called up and provided the HOA some very stern words and told them if they want to send me letters, then I will be sure to call them every hour until they handle the issues that I have provided them. I have never heard from them again.

  15. Becky

    Since your community is fairly new, is the board actually run by the home owners? or is still run by the builder? The builder has a very high stake in have the “perfect” image in the community.

    Like others have said, join the board. I live in a very large HOA and although we get several “reminders” each year, we usually deserve them (we signed on willingly….) but our HOA does a LOT of nice community things and we get a lot out of living here. When we lived in smaller condo complexes the HOA were constantly out of money for necessary things and it was a mess.

    All in all, I would prefer to not need “permission” to paint my house or plant a new tree, but in this area HOA’s are the rule rather than the exception and ours really isn’t too bad – there are some decent ones out there – get involved and maybe you can make yours one of them! 🙂

  16. Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies

    Sadly this seems to be a fairly common HOA experience. In general, HOAs around here are run by retired professionals who have too much time on their hands, and cause problems and headaches for even the most easy going people!

  17. 30kto30million

    WOW that sounds crazy! my first thought was to get loads of cars (preferably junk/wrecked) and have someone dump them(park) them in front of everyone’s house… i think you handle/handled that better than most.. letter about weeds!! crazy

  18. Wendy

    I agree with Georgene – get yourself elected to the board, or make sure and attend every meeting, take notes and make comments – that will freak ’em out!

    I know 2 people that put brand new siding on their homes, only to have it torn off and replaced because the HOA didn’t like the color. The color was on the list of color choices – the HOA didn’t like the SHADE of the color. I know someone else that had to tear down a new fence because the HOA didn’t like the color of the stain.

    I also know someone who had their home foreclosed on because of past due HOA annual dues of less than $500. Yes, the HOA has that right, usually. You can be completely current on your mortgage and still face foreclosure due to non-payment of HOA fees and dues.

    Last year when we were thinking about relocating to the other end of the state, I looked at a couple of dozen rental properties before giving up on a rental and going to the short term lease-with-option-to-buy route. We found an immaculate home, 5 years old, one owner, and she was a single woman. The owner had also done a lot of upgrades to the home and property, and had maintenance records for everything. The lease payment was cheaper than a lot of the rental property I had looked at, and we had the comfort of knowing when the lease was up and the buy date rolled around, that part of the lease payment was going toward the purchase price every month.

    We filled out the loan application and lease paperwork, and wrote a check. Then, the realtor handed me a copy of the HOA agreement. HA. It was at least 25 pages long and I didn’t get past page 5 before I asked for my check back – which I promptly tore up 🙂 🙂

    Hang in there, Crystal!

  19. Aimy

    CRAAAAAzeeeeee. We have an HOA but not as insane as yours. Somebody on that board has nothing better to do and does not have a life. HOA’s are voted in are they not? If that is the case with yours, I suggest getting on that board or make your vote count. There has to be other annoyed neighbors willing to change this harassment. Thanks for sharing. I will keep this in mind when we are ready to move.

  20. Laura S.

    I can’t even fathom buying my own home and having someone tell me how it has to look etc. I would be so furious regarding the parking. Stick to your guns. You worked hard for this home, don’t let a busybody or two bully you. I hope it is resolved quickly with the emails.

  21. Crystal @ BFS

    @Grayson, ah, the complain-them-into-submission approach, woot! I actually never had complaints until I started receiving letters – now I notice every car along the curb and weed I see (I don’t submit a violation letter obviously because I think it’s stupid, but apparently someone around here has a lot of time on their hands).

    @Becky, our community was started in 2004, so it’s run by actual residents. 🙁 I may get involved although I seem to have something scheduled every time they have a meeting or event…

    @Mrs. Pop, that sounds like our HOA treasurer neighbor…

    @30kto30million, thanks for the smile! My little sister and I both laughed at this idea – it would be awesome, hehehe.

    @Wendy, that may be my long-term plan. Luckily, here in Texas, an HOA can’t foreclose on a home. Their biggest and baddest thing is that they can put a lien on your house so you have to settle it before you sell. Yay for you avoiding that HOA! Holy moly…

    Update – I am completely wrong and disgusted…foreclosures for delinquent HOA dues…that’s evil…

    @Aimy, yep, that’s my next step if emails don’t work out…

    @Laura S, thank you. That’s how I feel…my house, butt out.

  22. Make friends with the President. You will be golden. Our HOA has several retired busybodies who go around looking for violations, but if you are in the club, no one bothers you. Good luck.

  23. Tushar @ Everything Finance

    HOAs can be a big pain, especially when they are that strict about their “rules”! As long as you aren’t parked in front of somebody else’s house or something like that, what should they care? Looks like they have far too much time on their hands.

  24. Squirrelers

    I was president of a condo association once, and I never bothered anybody at all. There was no reason to be annoying or have a power trip. In your case, those people need to leave you and others alone, and actually get lives of their own.

  25. eemusings

    Huh. We don’t really have these in NZ – they sound like a bunch of power trippers. I think apartment buildings have them (one of many reasons NOT to buy an apartment in NZ).

  26. SavvyFinancialLatina

    Having an HOA is one of those things in my no no list for my house. I don’t want to pay someone to tell me how to keep up with my house for which I am paying.

  27. The Insurist

    I vowed several years ago to NEVER LIVE IN AN HOA COMMUNITY AGAIN. EVER.

  28. jan

    o men i love europe. A HOA who does want that? Some frustated old guy?
    I can leave my car wherever i wan’t it’s public road and if you care about it go to the police they won’t even bother.

    America the land of freedom (NOT)

  29. Funny about Money

    Ugh! What a headache.

    As annoying as Dave’s Used Car Lot, Marina, and Weed Arboretum was, I’ve never craved the comfort (such as it is) of a homeowner’s association. Most cities have blight abatement laws that apply to actual, credible issues — why do we need another layer of government for a purpose that’s already got a solution?

    Around here, it’s a selling point when a house is not in an HOA. Seriously, some Realtors will embellish their MLS listing with ecstatic all caps: NOT IN AN HOA!!

  30. Edward Antrobus

    Stuff like that is why we moved from the trailer park. I got in trouble for changing my oil in my driveway. For having one wheel in the grass of my yard (you try squeezing 3 cars into a driveway meant for two). We went back to renting and we are paying more to have an actual person for a landlord instead of a property management company. She is pretty strict on the rent (no grace period at all), but we can do just about anything we want at the house.

  31. Andy

    I too have had horrible experiences with living in a condominium. I will never buy a condo, or house subject to an HOA, again.

    It seems that every association of significant size has at least one totally off-their-rocker crazy activist that wants to run the association like his/her single family home. Most recently our special resident been conducting her own “inspections” of the building and reporting things she doesn’t like to the management company daily. Having you finances tied to the decisions of a crazy person is a poor choice.

    I tried to alleviate the problem by joining the Board (nobody wants to be on our board)and that helped a bit, but now I am fighting battles with her daily for no pay.

    Good luck to you, I know I am counting down the days until I am out of this place!

  32. IC_deLight

    Really curious as to the identity of the management company. There are many misconceptions about HOA corporations. Some people actually think that the homeowners created the HOA corporation, willingly consented to corporate board fiat, or that the board is actually running the show.

    More often than not, the management company is the culprit behind many of the problems. The management company will promote policies, etc. designed to move money from the pockets of homeowners directly into the bank accounts of the management company.

    Until 2011/2012, there was not even a right for homeowners to vote or run in HOA elections. The folks claiming that HOAs are the epitome of democracy are typically board members or folks from the HOA industry. Of course this is nothing but lies.

    I am curious as to the identity of your HOA corporation and the management company. I’ve had a go round with a few of these management companies and worked hard at getting laws changed. Many of you probably had no idea that a state senator up in Dallas was behind several of the management companies in Houston (and elsewhere in the state) – and that he sat up at the legislature authority/amending/voting on bills very profitable for his management companies. The issue is complicated – there are also often tying arrangements between the management company and the HOA’s insurance or banking. The letters you are getting have nothing to do with aesthetics but rather are designed to provoke disputes for profit for the benefit of the management company and the HOA attorney.

  33. IC_deLight

    As a followup, you might want to view a few of these videos that discuss HOA syndrome, the management companies, etc.

    HOA lectures

    Also back to the issue of “choice” you need to realize that local governments have demanded virtually all new subdivisions be burdened with HOAs for decades. Marlene Gafrick at the city of Houston planning department has been working to enslave homeowners to involuntary membership HOA corporations throughout the city of Houston – even in established neighborhoods that never had one. They promote imposing these things in places long after you purchased your home and without your consent.

    Check out the following references to the City of Houston Planning Department and look at the PDF slides. They will even provide “pro bono” attorneys to create new deed restrictions. There is nothing “pro bono” about any of this. This is a very insidious group.

    Houston Planning – Forced Imposition of HOAs

  34. Ward Lucas

    I’m the author of the newly published book, “Neighbors At War! The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association.” After 25 years of research, I can guarantee that most of the comments in this column are spot-on. But there are some far uglier sides to the HOA movement, i.e., organized crime elements as evidenced by the 40 recent federal indictments in Nevada. Even worse, though, is what everyone seems AFRAID to discuss; that the modern HOA movement was born in 1964. Suprise! HOAs from the beginning were meant to maintain all the old racially restrictive covenants. The 1964 Civil Rights Act didn’t end neighborhood discrimination. It allowed it to continue for decades. As a white guy in a white neighborhood, and as a longtime investigative reporter/anchor for an NBC affiliate I have witnessed it firsthand, and thoroughly documented it in my book. Read it and weep!

  35. ODWO

    And to think … you are paying for that priviledge of them giving you grief.

    I’d really make them provide some idea or alternative about a visitor lot ~or~ what if someone stays the night? Where does it say that you can only own 2 cars with a 2 car garage? (or something along those lines), and does it really say “6 hours max” somewhere on any paperwork relating to the HOA? One things for sure, (from experience) your parties aren’t loud (board gamers? not exactly the Banditos, eh?). Heck. A neighbors dog barking is probably louder.

  36. Henry

    I state without any apologies that I hate HOA’s. They are intrusive, they are dicatorial, they are petty, and frankly I beleive they are just another way to take away ones independence. They are a pain at best and a nightmare at worst. I would never recomend to anyone to move to a place with one. I know the arguments in favour of them but in my book the positives are far outweighed by the negatives. For those of you that have to put up with them you have my sympathy! On the other hand stage a coup, start a lobby, or move. I subscribe to the later and opt to move into the country on a small acerage. (It isn’t as hard as some may think) And just to dose the conversation with a little healthy warning, get away from population centers.
    You will be much better off in multiple ways.

  37. Nila Ridings

    The best advice I can give anybody thinking of buying in an HOA is: DON’T DO IT! Find a place to live without one.

    I made the mistake of buying in an HOA almost eight years ago. It has been nothing but a living hell. Millions of dollars unaccounted for, failed maintenance to the point the frames on the houses have rotten, stucco put over rotten wood, peeling paint to the point the City got involved after homeowners called them, self-dealing by board members…claiming to own businesses and then using those businesses to provide services to the HOA. I filed a lawsuit to see financial records…the board president claimed they had none. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits for exposing all the dishonesty of the board. Millions upon millions of dollars have been wasted on nonsense and a high-priced property manager. Board members have no business experience and they are bullies to those who address any subject they don’t want to hear about. If I sell my house tomorrow I will lose $200,000.00 to get out. I’ve suffered with health problems. My doctor says I have a form of PTSD. We have an unknown number of foreclosures and over 100 rentals in an area of 513 units. The HOA insurance has been canceled once so the premiums are double with a $10,000 deductible per incident. And more lawsuits pending with the most recent one setting a precedent nationally because the HOA was found guilty of using deceptive practices in violation of the consumer protection laws!

    Three months ago I discovered a book called “Neighbors At War” by Ward Lucas. Every HOA member, potential buyer, real estate agent/brokers, and every college student that will someday purchase a home or condo NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK! Save yourselves this grief and in cases like mine, complete financial devastation. All those living in HOAs should be contacting your state legislators and get bills passed into laws to govern these HOAs. If you don’t have any problems today with your HOA, you’re only one vote away from being in the mess some of us have suffered for years. HOAs are destroying lives all across America and there is very little if any regulation on them.

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