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Health Update #7 – Crystal Light Challenge – FAIL

As I told you all towards the end of November 2011, I am posting updates twice a month here to keep me accountable for the $1200 a year for fitness that we are spending on Weight Watchers and our gym memberships. Yep, I am using you as my accountability partners whether you signed up for it or not, hahaha. I’m posting on the weekday closest to the 15th and last day of each month. Here is how I did for the past couple of weeks.

My Update for February 26th through March 7th, 2012

I was really good about my points but SUCKED with my exercise as we got busy, so I actually gained a little – grrrr.

Weight Watchers

I was getting 29 food points a day (now 26) and 49 weekly points to use as I wished on food each week, so 252 total points. So,

I am aiming for 250 food points or less a week from here on out

. I have to use a minimum of 182 or I’d be physically starving my body – that wouldn’t be a healthy diet at all. Let’s see how I did:

Week of February 26 – March 3, 2012:

Sunday – 40 points
Monday – 26 points
Tuesday – 33 points
Wednesday – 32 points
Thursday – 30 points
Friday – 30 points
Saturday – 43 points

Total Weekly Points Used: 234 Points – WOOT!!!

Week of March 4 – March 10, 2012:

Sunday – 34 points
Monday – 28 points
Tuesday – 33 points
Wednesday – 28 points
Thursday – 26 points
Friday – 35 points
Saturday – 63 points (it was a Cajun themed party…it was soooo good!)

Total Weekly Points Used: 247 Points – Yay again!

I did it again! And I stepped away from the party food on purpose with you all in mind.  I was very proud of myself.  Thank you all! 

I am back on the Weight Watcher Points Plus Program…just need to get back to the gym.

Gym Attendance

I set the goal to go to the gym at least 3 times a week when we signed up. I also have a bowling league Thursday nights and walk the neighborhood once in a while as well, but this is just about my gym attendance. Let’s see how I did.

Week of February 26 – March 3, 2012:

Sunday – Nope
Monday – Nope
Tuesday – Walk/jog for 40 minutes on treadmill
Wednesday – Nope
Thursday – Nope
Friday – Nope
Saturday – Nope

Total Weekly Times at the Gym: 1 time.  Boogers.

Week of March 4 – March 10, 2012:

Sunday – Nope
Monday – Nope
Tuesday – Nope
Wednesday – Nope
Thursday – Nope
Friday – Nope
Saturday – Nope (but I did walk around neighborhoods for 3 hours)

Total Weekly Times at the Gym: 0 times – Boogers again.

CRAP!!!  That is all.

Weight Goals

Other than the diet and exercise goals mentioned above, here are some weight goals for 2012:

  • Weigh 145 pounds by April 9th, 2012 for the 10-pound Challenge I joined.
  • Weigh 135 pounds by December 31st, 2012.

I started at 155.6 pounds on November 28, 2011, but was up to 159 after the holidays.  Then I was at 154 sometime in January, a little more than 156 a month ago, and weighed 153.2 pounds 2 weeks ago.  And now…I am at 154.8!  Crap.  I promised you a loss of at least 2 pounds over the next two weeks in my last update, and I am up 1.6 pounds instead!  Yuck.

That said, I only have about a month left for the 10 pound challenge, so my next update will have me down at least 4 more pounds – so 150.8 or less.  That should leave me 2 more weeks for the last 4-5 pounds…we’ll see.  I have hikes planned while we are out of town this coming weekend, but I am going to have to really dig in if I am going to hit any goals!

How did you do on your fitness goals?

24 thoughts on “Health Update #7 – Crystal Light Challenge – FAIL”

  1. Shawanda

    I’d like to get back up to going to the gym 4 times a week. Yeah. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this week. I guess there’s still time, but whatever.
    Maybe if I get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight I’ll muster up enough strength to hit a group exercise class tomorrow morning. I won’t make any promises.

  2. Helen

    What day is your WI? Maybe just a big points day the day before really affected things for you? Maybe it isn’t a ‘true’ gain. Good job on your points. I am having trouble deciding how much of my WP and AP will give me the best results!

  3. I Am 1 Percent

    I suck at finding time and energy to work out. I leave my house at 5:45AM every morning and come back at 6PM. I try to maintain my weight from the food side by not snacking and eating “reasonably” healthy options…though not always. At 34 years old, my metabolism is starting to slow down and I feel more lethargic…boogers.

  4. krantcents

    My fitness goals and a number of other things are on hold thanks to my pinched nerve. Back to the doctor early April.

  5. cashflowmantra

    I have not been doing so well. I have been busy and the weather has been getting me down. But now spring is here and I am feeling motivated again. I walked 2 miles last evening and will try to watch my diet. I will be increasing my water intake. I want to be at 200 lbs by the end of the year. That means 15-18 or so to lose in 10 months. It is possible, but I can’t lose focus.

  6. bogofdebt

    I fluxuate my weight gain during the month I’ve noticed. (I gained 5 pounds in one week but lost it 2 days later as a for instance)

    I’ve tried to limit my weighing myself and noticed that I’m fitting pants that I haven’t fit in a year or two (or four…) so I’m on the right track!

    I think you are doing great–keep up the good work!

  7. Ivy Lane

    As always, I’ll hike with you! There are several parks I have in mind…

  8. frugalportland

    keep it up! for fast weight loss, cut out wheat, corn, rice, and potatoes. just for 30 days. you’ll be amazed by how you feel eating meat and veggies.

  9. Jessica, The Debt Princess

    You can do it!! You are kicking butt with the eating. Take your phone and read while on the bike. I can get in 45minutes without even realizing it. Then I walk too.

  10. Nick

    I went back to crossfit a couple of weeks ago – went Saturday, missed the rest of the week and then last saturday and it was UGLY. (Turns out I had bronchitis…). So I’m on a bunch of drugs now and going back to start again on Saturday, haha!

    Don’t worry about the fail. You’ll get there if you refocus.

  11. Aloysa @My Broken Coin

    I am not in the challenge anymore, because instead of loosing I gained 3 lbs. 🙁 You are not alone.

  12. Christa

    My pregnancy helps me keep on track with exercise. I now walk 4 to 5 miles per day. I guess having someone who depends on me helps keep me on track. Previously, when training for a marathon, having a big goal and mini goals helped me stay on track. Maybe a walking buddy or an exercise goal can work for you too?

    Great job on the points, though — eating is my major downfall!!

  13. Savvy Scot

    I am going to be the person to tell you to get your ass into gear!!! Come on Crystal!!!!! If you don’t have the time for the gym – walk somewhere instead! Climb the stairs a few more times or do some Yoga / Stretches!! You can do it!! 🙂

  14. Newlyweds on a Budget

    losing weight is hard! my update won’t be stellar either ; )

  15. I bet that little bit of weight will come off this week if you just do some more walking. Going to the gym is fine, but walking is good too. You can do it!

    PS All your efforts are inspiring me.

  16. Ellen

    I’m doing pretty well keeping on track. But hubby *makes* me go to the gym, which helps. The chocolate bar I ate today may not help though..:)

  17. Cari

    Way to go on the WW points! I found that if I do the WW weigh in first thing in the morning, before breakfast, I notice a lower number on the scale (OK, most of the time). I’ve put on weight recently – darn Girl Scout cookies! LOL But I’m with you on not going to the gym. Maybe I can use your blog as motivation to get up and get going.

  18. Kris @ BalancingMoneyandLife

    Good job on the points! Good luck getting back to the gym – it can be hard to make the time.

    Half Ironman training is rolling along – I missed one workout out of 8? 9? last week; this week I’m on track to hit them all so long as I make it to the pool either tomorrow or Saturday. As for my eating, I’ve relaxed a little, but I’m not gaining any weight, so I’m good. 🙂

  19. Well, after twisting my “just being to fully heal from tendonitis” ankle, I had to take a break from my daily runs. But, I did do a little lifting one day in the gym. The only problem is, I’m now dealing with that “you’ve lifted for the first time in a long time” soreness, causing me to need to rest for a few days before going back to it. Le sigh…one day it’ll all come together!

    Good luck to you on your goals. Like you said, you’re gonna have to really dig in but don’t fret, you can do it!

  20. Jessica @ Budget for Health

    Great job on the ww points this round! I was just about to mention how the weather is finally starting to get nice enough to go outside for exercise, but I live in Michigan, so I guess that wouldn’t make sense to you haha. If you like doing strength training, it can really help boost your metabolism since it takes more energy to maintain muscle than fat. You could always add in some lunges if you go for a walk (if you don’t mind the looks you might get!)

  21. Wealth Artisan

    Wow! I just laughed hysterically at the name of your challenge. I was browsing through your site because I’m going to be linking to one of your articles and saw this. I just had to comment. Thank you for the laugh!


  22. Mayor of Humbleville

    It’s OK Crystal,

    Hubby and I are trying to lose weight as well. Getting back into exercising has been really difficult for us. We stay optimistic though. You can do it!

    Humbly Yours,
    The Mayor

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