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Our team member in Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting asked for a heavier schedule regularly.  Since we want her to stay with us for as long as she possibly can, we got right on that!

We’re basically using October as a test month to see how big of a hit our overall income will take if we fill in her schedule first and just cover a couple of weekday regulars and the few outliers during the busiest times.

So far, the experiment is going well.  We are taking a monetary hit, but not as bad as expected.  Plus the decrease in work hours allowed me to catch up on the background parts of running the business, which needed to seriously happen soon anyway.


Time Management for Management…

I honestly thought that having fewer pet sitting jobs would leave me a little extra time to blog or to catch up with chores in our dirty house.  Nope.  All of the extra time has been used on managing the assignments, creating checklists, attending pre-meets, staying in touch with our clients, and doing my side of the record keeping.  Taking time on those tasks has led to more business, so woot!  But I’m spending more time on Crystal’s Cozy Care than ever before!

And oddly enough, I’m enjoying this!  It’s nice to be able to concentrate 100% on the detail-oriented tasks that I usually have to rush through between jobs.  I’ve enjoyed reaching out to our clients for feedback – that has even started new conversations.  I’ve made some real friends.  And I appreciate not feeling behind on the stuff that matters.

Working from Home is an Option Again

This test month is proving to me that I could technically fully work from home if needed.  We’d need to cut our expenses or increase our client base by about 20% to be comfortable fully from home, but that is a very doable 6 month goal.  It helps we don’t actually need to work only from home and truly enjoy our time with all our client pets, so this is just a general plan for now.

But it would be nice to return to a truly flexible work-from-home schedule like I had when blogging was my main job.  I love my clients, especially the furry and snuggly ones, but I do hope to eventually have a baby.  Or to accept life without one and have the flexibility to handle that in whatever way we choose.  Honestly, who doesn’t want some more control over their daily schedule?

In the meantime, the experimental schedule may continue until the end of the year since it is pushing me to grow business faster.  Plus Len’s reffing income from varsity football is currently filling in the monetary hit, so this isn’t throwing me into a cardiac arrest of worry.

How Did I Become “The Man”?

Did I think I’d ever be running a company with an independent contractor working for me with plans to grow?  Nope.  But experience has shown me that I had very low expectations for life when I first started out.  I achieve more by simply making new plans as I go and surprising myself along the way.

Hi, I’m Crystal Stemberger.  Owner/Manager of Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting and Owner/Writer of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.  The living embodiment of the all around, cliché entrepreneurial American dream.  It’s nice to meet you.  Let’s talk furry friends or money!  😉