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I attended the Financial Blogger Conference in Chicago last year and it was amazing!  Absolutely amazing!  You can read all about it in my FINCON11 post.  This year’s FINCON, which is being held in Denver from September 6-9, will most likely be fantastically awesome too!

That said, I was one of the first people to buy their ticket for the Financial Blogger Conference 2012.  I literally set my alarm and watched the page like a hawk until signups opened up.  A couple of my blogging friends also convinced me to submit myself as a speaker for FINCON12…and I was actually accepted!  Now I am getting excited and nervous at the same time!

Speaking at FINCON12

I know that if you have been reading my posts for even a few days, you probably notice that I am generally a peppy, chatty, sharing person.  I’ll be honest, I usually just can’t shut up.  I am like that face-to-face too…just ask Dr. Dean at The Millionaire Nurse and Len Penzo…I was a complete chatty Cathy with them…

BUT, I am not that comfortable in front of a crowd.  Crowds themselves scare me, and the idea of being judged by dozens of people at a time while I tell personal stories and advice scares me too.  That combo means that FINCON12 will be way more stressful for me than FINCON11 was…but I am up for the challenge…I hope.

If any of you are attending, I will not be talking about the specifics of my ad business.  Sorry to crush anyone’s hopes, but I figure I should get that out of the way right up front.  Everyone’s topics haven’t been announced yet, so I won’t ruin the surprise.  I will be talking like I write though – I’ll be using tons of personal examples and will be open for questions like all of the other speakers.  Now I just have to figure out exactly what I am going to say…

Exciting Parts of FINCON12

Other than getting my own speaking thing out of the way, I am truly looking forward to seeing my blogging buddies again.  I have my handful of close online friends that I love and will want to hang out with, but I also met dozens of other amazing people last year that I am really happy to be seeing again.

I was so pleasantly surprised last year to actually get to know JD Roth a little better over a nice lunch, to meet J Money in person, and to finally put faces to a ton of my favorite bloggers.  I’m hoping to grow all of those relationships a bit more.  Once a year is just not enough time, but I will take what I can get.

According to the rough draft schedule, there is going to be a ton to do, but it should be a little less rushed than last time.  I can honestly say that if/when I ever feel overwhelmed, you will be able to find me in a generally open area chatting with people.  Seriously, talking is better than napping for me.  Oh, and drinking wine for free makes me happy too, so you know where to find me at the get-togethers with the free drink tickets…

Oh, Phil (Philip Taylor, the stellar organizer of FINCON), if you are reading this, could you please make sure my speaking event is before the heavy drinking?  😉  I’d truly appreciate it!

Anyway, I am super excited and probably just as nervous.  Can’t wait until September!  Our house should be getting finished the same week, lol, so I will be a crazy mess!

Are you attending FINCON12?  Looking forward to it already?