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I wrote this while Mr. BFS and I were on the plane on the way to Las Vegas last week…

I am super excited but airports and flying stresses me out.  There are too many people, way too many authority figures, my ears always hurt by the time that we land (yes, I have tried everything), and the extra costs are nuts!

First, the tickets were a pretty penny.  It was $800 for two roundtrip tickets and 4 nights at the Golden Nugget.  Since the listed prices at the Nugget is $39 a night right now, that means we paid about $640 for two roundtrip tickets that only cost about $400 6 years ago.

Then parking was a pain at 5:45am.  One lot was full and we barely made it into another. Then we had to wait for 15 minutes while a lady asked the poor driver all sorts of questions about baggage that he really didn’t know.  Overall, it will cost another $5 a day, which I don’t think is too bad at all. 

Once we actually got into the airport itself, we were immediately told to check everything we could for $25 a bag.  We didn’t have any check-ons, so we hustled into the security line.  Then we were put through a visual pat down in case we might be carrying an illegal $1 soda since they much rather you buy the $4 sodas while you wait to depart. 

Then there is the plane itself.  “Want to upgrade to First Class for an additional $529?”  It’s a 2 1/2 hour trip…ummm…no.  “How about some extra leg room for $39?”  No thanks.  “$8 for some tv for 2 hours?”  No.  “$7.50 for a ‘premium beverage’? “  No thank you. 

Fine, then here is your tiny seat with some guy who wants to recline ALL-THE-WAY back in front of you (seriously, I am typing this nearly blind since my monitor is pretty much forced to face my crotch) and your free water.  But wait, you get one ice cube.  That’s it. 

Since I am afraid to ask how much a few more ice cubes would cost, I have sipped down my room temperature water in silence and decided to vent to all of you instead.

I’m done whining – believe it or not, I am still super excited and pretty happy.  I just thought the annoyance factors could be entertaining. 

I’ll be posting a full Vegas cost rundown in the next week.  I also found out on the way back that there are a variety of free drinks available on Continental, but I was just too scared to ask on the way, lol.

Have any of you had any amazing visits to an airport recently?  Do you know how much the ice cubes cost?