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Fit in a Fun Friday – The Library

The library is an oasis for anybody looking for entertainment.  Readers can enjoy books, books on tape or CD’s, and ebooks to our heart’s content.  Movie lovers can browse the DVD’s.  People who like to stay in-the-know could take a look at a variety of newspapers and magazines that would cost a personal fortune to have delivered.  They also have computer access with databases galore for anybody dying to go online or find research materials.

In short, the library offers a ton of free entertainment options that are pretty easy to enjoy.

In many cases, it’s even easier than browsing the shelves or spending half an hour searching down the book you know they have.  Many libraries have a site online that you can use to find and request what you are looking for.  That can be used to request an item anywhere in the library system or even request an item from somewhere else.  Once the item reaches the location of your choice, you can pick it up right off a hold shelf, check it out, and be back to your car in less than 5-10 minutes.

Interlibary lending has allowed me to have access to over 100 paranormal fictions and murder mysteries in the past year that I would not have been able to get to as easily before.  It’s also allowed my husband to save a couple of thousand dollars on books and materials he needed for his graduate school classes.  He’s has had to read a couple of hundred children’s books and teen novels in the past 8 months.  Those alone would have cost us at least $1000.  He’s also used the library to get novels on CD’s so he can take care of the “reading” part of assignments on his way to work or hobbies.

Yep, I’m a library lover.  How about you?  Do you use your local library?  Does your library have an online search and request site?  Do you use your library for something I forgot to list? Even if I buy books by the way I will turn around and use a book buyback service to get most of my money back or at least half. So cheap books for me, woot!

6 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – The Library”

  1. Julie

    I love our library, too! We have a drive through so it’s even easier! I put books on hold and drive through the drive through to pick up and return books. No need to even step out of the car. I love that our library has movies, playaways (pre-loaded little audio books on a device — all you need are headphones), children’s toys, CDs, downloadable books and audio books, and, of course, regular books. I am a big fan! I love that I can check out toys which I give to my daughter to try out for a week or two. If she loves it, I will buy one for her, but if she doesn’t, I won’t have wasted the money. They have hand and finger puppets that go with books that are great for little ones. Also, my library has gardening classes and storytime for the little ones. I rarely buy books and never buy DVDs now.

    My work also provides a library that has a great selection of newer DVDs of TV series and movies. Hardly anyone goes there so I make use of it when I can. There is a very lenient expiration date policy. I also get a lot of my technical books from there.

  2. Jeff

    Great topic, I wrote about last friday. I love the audio books and the activity passes that we can check out.


  3. arm-and-leg-safe

    I love the public library and have been using it since I discovered they had DVDs… and not just old DVDs… in my area, they are even near up-to-date with new releases. It actually helps my Netflix queue get smaller.

    I also love the fact that I can try books before I buy them (used of course). While I can borrow for free, there are some books that I’d like to own and not worry about due dates.

    Great post!

  4. Kris

    I am actually at a library right now, using their computer! (At a college library, feeling nothing short of ancient with all these young kids around.)

    I love my library. I go at least weekly. It saves us so much money every year, and it has been a part of my kids’ lives since birth. (They used to love to put on their own puppet shows there.) Also, we have to buy the books for our kids where they go to school, so I just check them out instead, when they are available. By the way, I am talking about books for English reading like Animal Farm, not math books.

    Our city is in financial crisis right now and the mayor is threatening to close our library. What a shame that would be.

  5. BFS

    Julie, I am drooling over your library! Mainly, the drive through and playaways. That sounds fantastic! I wish we had playaways since my CD player broke and I don’t have one in my car…

    Kris, I hope your library isn’t closed. Houston’s having budget issues too, but I keep crossing my fingers that all the libraries make it through. They offer so much!

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