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Fit in a Fun Friday – Trip to the Beach

Now that Summer has reared up its hot head, what better time to bring up a classic trip to the beach?  Here in Houston it’s been 90-98 degrees for the last few weeks.  A beach trip sounds heavenly.

I remember my mom driving us down to Galveston and laughing while my sisters and I chased hermit crabs in the sand.  I also dug in vain looking for sand dollars and collected a bunch of pretty shells.  We brought kites on a few of those trips and worked at getting them in the air.  I loved watching the sea gulls fly next to the kites for a few seconds…trying to figure out what the heck was imposing on their air space and wondering if it was edible.  🙂

On some day trips, I’d wade out with my mom or my grandpa and look at the fish in the waves.  Sometimes my uncle would bring a throw net and we would see how many tiny gray fish we could get for my Indonesian aunt to fry up.  I always giggled when she’d eat them bones and all, especially when she’d offer one to me – I’d run away laughing and making gagging sounds just to annoy her.  Eventually I tried one and they honestly weren’t that bad.

The best trips were either when I was alone with my mom or when there was a huge group of family and friends.  When it was just me and mom, we’d walk along the edge of the surf and she’d tell me all about hermit crabs and jelly fish.  She made up a few stories and would go out of her way to make me laugh.  When there was a huge group, I could talk each of my grandparents or uncles to keep me company…kind of in shifts, lol.  I didn’t realize how annoying I actually must have been until I had little sisters of my own.  Hahaha.  I now know why they took turns keeping up with me.  🙂

Do you have any great beach memories?  Any awful ones?

11 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Trip to the Beach”

  1. Everyday Tips

    First of all, great new header – and it correlates nicely with your post!

    The beach is one of my favorite ways to spend the day! I take my kids a lot in the summer, as we have a lot of lakes here in Michigan.

    As a kid, I remember we would go to a beach area one a summer with my whole family. It was the one day where we got up really early, packed up the car, and headed out. My dad would bring the Coleman stove and fry us eggs and we would pull fish using our bamboo poles. After that, it was an all day event swimming. I just loved those days.

    Thanks for stirring up a great memory!

  2. Squirrelers

    What a great Friday topic!

    For me, though I have lived primarily in the midwest (Illinois/Indiana), there have been a number of great beach memories. From childhood, my first real beach memory was ironically enough Galveston. It was back in the 70’s and I was like 5, but I remember a beach and then a big wall. I asked my dad why that was there, he said hurricanes. I didn’t get it then, but clearly get it now, after they were hit by the big storm a few years ago.

    I also have fond memories of going to beaches on Lake Michigan. For those on the coasts or by the Gulf, it may seem funny. But, there are some really nice beaches on Lake Michigan, particularly on the western side of Michigan and in far northern Indiana. One in Michigan I fondly recall is Warren Dunes – large sand dunes accompany the beach, and it was fun going there as a kid, though it was maybe once a year that we would make it there at the most. It was cool to take my daughter to the same exact beach a few years ago.

    Also recall the beaches at Aruba on a trip with my wife, years back. Palm Beach, where most of the hotels are, is very nice.

  3. Holly

    It’s a 75-mile drive to my mother’s house. It is along the back bay. We visit about once a month and it doesn’t matter if we actually get to the beach, which is about 15 minutes form her place. It’s just as nice to sit on her deck and watch the sea birds and fishing boats go by.

    The kids kayak in the bay. We set traps for crabs, throw back the females and the small ones, and steam the big ones. YUM!

  4. Money Reasons

    Great new banner (I was going to say I loved it, but Everyday Tips beat me to the punch with that line 🙂 )

    I’ll start with the bad stuff first, my son who is only 9 has been stung 3 times to various degree while at Myrtle or Hilton Head beaches. He’s practically terrified of the ocean once it goes above his knees. Especially after getting stung all over his body by a long one (this was at Hunting beach in S.C.). That’s a long and painful story in itself, hey you’ve given me a topic to blog about…

    As for positive memories… I have a ton. from seeing the dolphins out in the oceans as the sun set looking like a post card, to the fisherman along the shore that gave my son a small horseshoe crab that he caught not to mention the live sand dollars (we only kept them a few hours).

    Overall, the beach is a great time! Have lots and lots of fun 🙂

  5. BFS

    Everyday Tips, thanks about the banner. 🙂 I also remember fond memories of fishing at my grandpa’s pond for catfish with a bamboo pole sometimes…

  6. BFS

    Squirrelers and, I LOVE sand dunes! As a kid, I could run up and down them all day. Aruba sounds great too. The prettiest beach I have ever been to was the beach at Cozumel we went to last year on our cruise, but apparently the 7 Mile Beach at Grand Cayman that we’re going to this year will take the cake. We’ll see… 🙂

  7. BFS

    Holly, I’m jealous of your crabs, lol. 🙂 I don’t really like lobster much but I could live on crab meat and lemon juice…even watching the Deadliest Catch makes me hungry, hahaha.

  8. BFS

    Money Reasons, I’m glad you like the banner too! I am back-posting a banner update to give all the details that I should have put up for this morning, but I was too tired last night. It’ll be right before this post in 10-15 minutes, lol. 🙂

    Your poor son! I’m assuming he was stung by jellyfish? That would suck. I poked a bunch of washed up jellyfish at Surfside Beach a few times, but I’ve never been stung…I did get attacked by digger bees when I was 9 or 10, so your son has my full sympathy!

    Ooh. if you ever find a dead sand dollar, send it my way! I have no idea why, but I love sand dollars…I hope it isn’t because of the money reference, but I wouldn’t put it past my subconcious, lol. 🙂

  9. Rebecca The Greeniac

    I’m afraid my beach memories are few and far between as I’ve lived the vast majority of my life in Denver. Most of them involve me throwing a temper tantrum because I wasn’t allowed out in the sun without a t-shirt on to protect me from getting burned I guess it just wasn’t as much fun to play in the water with a wet t-shirt on while everybody else got to just wear their bathing suit.

    Mountains, now that’s another story! I can remember as a kid throwing the sleeping bags into the back of the truck and driving up into the high country. We never camped at actual sites as we generally were far off the beaten trail. We just threw our sleeping bags out into a meadow on the side of the road and slept out under the stars. I’m afraid those days are long gone as any part of the mountains that’s accessible by car has now been carved up and fenced off. Sigh…

  10. BFS

    Rebecca, your mountain adventures sound great! The only real mountain adventure I’ve had (other than getting car sick as we wound around the Andes) was climbing Sierra La Ventana in Argentina with my parents, grandparents, uncle, a 8 year old sister, and a 3 year old sister that kept having to get passed back and forth since she tired out (obviously). It was really great by the end, but the climb itself was a killer…

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