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Fit in a Fun Friday – Scary Movies

*A Few Spoiler Alerts for “What Lies Beneath”, “The Ring”, and “Paranormal Activity” (the first one)…probably will be some in the comments as well…I just mention a few scenes in this post – no endings*

I love scary movies – the ones that make your heart beat faster and have those DID-YOU-SEE-THAT moments.  I do not enjoy gore, so slasher flicks are out.  I love those pure moments of “OH CRAP!” that come out of great suspenseful, scary movies.

Before 2002, my favorite scary movie was “What Lies Beneath” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford.  I didn’t see the bad guy coming – I had no idea.  Looking back, I feel silly, but come on…did you think it was who it was?  All the little moments you see the ghost in reflections really creeped me out too.

Then I saw “The Ring”.  Between the scene showing the scared dead girl in the closet and the one when that little evil child came out of the tv screen…you could have knocked me over with a feather!  I completely freaked out.  That skyrocketed to my #1.

Then, last year, I saw “Paranormal Activity”.  Every time I heard that low rumbling noise, my body froze up.  I nearly had a heart attack during that one part where the woman gets out of bed, walks to the other side, and just stares at the guy while he is sleeping for hours!!!  How about when she is dragged out of bed by an invisible entity and dragged away?!  Let’s just say, “Paranormal Activity” is at the top of my scary movie list.

I’m writing this Friday, October 29th.  I have plans tonight to see “Paranormal Activity 2” and hope it it just as great!

UPDATE:  I thought Paranormal Activity 2 was pretty great but not as good as the first one.  I also missed a hundred tiny details apparently, so now I’m just going to have to see it again when it comes out on DVD.  Shucks…  🙂

Do you like scary movies?  What’s at the top of your list?

14 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Scary Movies”

  1. Rob Ward

    Scary movies are not for me…I fell asleep once while my friends watched The Shining.

  2. Everyday Tips

    I love suspenseful movies, and I hate gore of any kind. Loved Silence of the Lambs, even though that definitely had its creepy scenes, and 6th sense was awesome.

    Actually one of my favorites is a classic – Rear Window. Don’t think you would call it a scary movie, but a good suspenseful movie!

  3. Crystal @ BFS

    @Rob, I fell asleep during The Shining too! That’s just a boring movie…too much down time…

    @Everyday Tips, Rear Window was good! I didn’t see the original yet, but I saw the one with Christopher Reeves and thought it was great!

  4. First Gen American

    I hate scary movies. Even some episodes of the X files were too creepy for me. I have pretty violent dreams, so I don’t need additional fodder for my subconscious.

  5. thefrugalcheapskate

    I’m not much for scarey movie either. Makes it hard to sleep @ night and the electric bill is usually higher with all the lights on in the home 24hrs. a day … for weeks. 🙂

    BUT … I do remember seeing The Exorcist when it first came out (yeah, I know, dating myself, but I was pre-teen then).

    My mother actually took me to see the movie. You HAD to have a parent accompany you when going to see anything but a G rated movie and it was her idea to go. I think she wanted someone to accompany her! (Yeah. Thanks Mom! Ha!!!)

    Yep. Hard to sleep with all those lights on all night long, days and days …. and days ….

    Definitely love to go to the movies tho … good way to get out, have fun.

  6. Crystal @ BFS

    @First Gen American, X-Files had some pretty good ones for me. I don’t usually have scary dreams but I wouldn’t watch scary movies either if I did…

    @thefrugalcheapskate, I love going to non-scary movies too but it’s hard for me to cough up the almost $10 for the ticket unless I hear a good review from a friend first, lol. I am so glad a coworker suggested “The Blind Side” – that is one of my favorite movies now!

  7. Squirrelers

    My favorite was the original “Halloween” movie. That was loaded with suspense and heart-stopping moments. The music was especially chilling.

    That said, I’m more into suspense in general, as opposed to horror movies. Actually, other than this movie, I can’t say that any other such movies jump out at me. There were a few that were downright silly as well, such as “Silent Night Deadly Night” (a psycho santa), and some movie about Killer Clowns.

  8. Newlyweds on a Budget

    I love scary movies. What Lies Beneath still sorta confuses me…

  9. Jenna

    Haha! I went and saw The Ring, thinking it was a chick flick about getting married… Definitely wrong mental preparation…

  10. Money Reasons

    Nightmare on Elm Street was pretty scary for the times (or at least I thought so).

    This isn’t a movie, but I remember reading Stephen King’s book “IT“, in bed, while it was late, and it literally made me jump on a certain part. I cracked up when I realized what I did… Still, I did go to bed with the lights on that night 🙂

  11. Car Negotiation Coach

    The scariest movie i have ever seen has to be 30 days of Night. My wife and I saw it in the theater and both of us had a death-grip on our arm rests and were white-knuckling it. You know how some horror movies give you a brief minute to recover and catch your breath, maybe a short laugh at something? Not this movie. It was so intense, afterwards our necks hurt from being so tense the entire time.

    Needless to say, we loved it!

  12. Crystal @ BFS

    @Squirrelers, “Halloween” was creepy. I only saw it once and I was in my late teens. “Scream” really got me.

    @Newlyweds, email me and I can explain the whole thing, lol. I’ve only seen it a few dozen times…

    @Jenna, hehehe. That would have really caught me off guard!

    @Money Reasons, I never read “It” but “Cujo” got me a few times…

    @Car Negotiation Coach, okay, “30 Days of Night” is on my list now!

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