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Let’s say you are getting married next month but have not yet planned for a bachelor’s party. This article can help you to organize a frugal blowout. You can arrange a low expense party without the help of an organizer and raise a toast for a happy married life.  In order to arrange an excellent party try to follow the simple steps.

Planning is essential

Share the burden with someone who is competent to manage a party. Set a budget so that he does not exceed the stipulated amount given to him. Your party would be planned according to the budget whether it be a wild party or a quiet party.

Invite only your close friends

Keep the guest list limited by calling only your close friends. This way you not only save some money but also have a luxurious party on a small budget with your closest friends.

Theme should be simple

Avoid planning a grand theme – it would be advisable to keep it simple. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses, then shift your focus from theme and decoration to ingenuity. You can capture the attention of your friends by displaying your creative ideas. If you plan something innovative then your creative streak of mind could be appreciated by your friends.

Depending on the caterer for liquor can be expensive

Avoid asking the caterer to provide you with liquor as they might charge you extra. You could get a discount at the store if you buy liquor at a whole sale rate.

Venue should not be expensive

You can save the cost of renting a hall or a pool side by organizing the party at the roof top of your house. Instead of a printed invitation ensure that you sent an e-card. Avoid over decorating your house; use the stuff that is available at home.

Food and drink

Inform the caterer about the budget you have planned for the party so that they can set the menu according to it. Try to keep the main course as well as the dessert simple. Tell the caterer to set the menu according to the theme of the party.

Do not order cake

Guys are not too fond of cake, so avoid bringing cake for the party. The party can be more exciting without cake and bringing cake would be feminine.

Bachelor’s parties are exciting as they are an opportunity for a get-together with close pals. If you prepare a budget before the party then it could restrain you from over spending. Bachelor’s parties are the first step to celebrating a new life of togetherness. So do not begin your marital life on an unstable financial foundation.

Crystal’s Notes:  You can save even more money by not hiring a caterer at all.  Grab some trays of meat, cheese, crackers, and fruit from Sam’s Club or the like and make a big batch of cheese dip and sandwiches.  I have never seen a guy turn down a good ham sandwich and some hot cheese dip.  🙂

Also, the easiest way to bypass bachelor party planning headaches is to get your best man to do it, lol.  Oh, and men love cake…at least the men I know…either cake or brownies have to be at every freaking event, lol.  Luckily, making either one is super easy and you don’t need a professional place to do it (seriously, just take a look at the back of a brownie mix box…I promise it’s easy).

Mr. BFS and I didn’t do the bachelor/bachelorette party thing and we don’t regret that at all…we did have an awesome after party at our house the evening after our wedding though.  Our friends hung out at our tiny apartment until the wee hours of the morning.  We just joked around, opened wedding gifts, wrote down the info for thank you cards, and generally had a great laid back night!

How did your bachelor/bachelorette party go?