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Fit in a Fun Friday – Exercising

I hope you all are having fun this Black Friday!  I will be staying as far away from shopping as humanly possible, lol.  I am also probably moaning from how much I ate yesterday and planning to eat this afternoon, so let’s talk about working off these meals.  🙂

Exercise can be a lot of fun in the right context.  Some people enjoy the adrenaline rush and can have a good time working out anywhere.  Other people, like me, have a much better time if the exercise is hidden into a fun activity or there is a partner involved.  I cannot stand exercising just to exercise, but I don’t think about it if I’m playing a sport or walking with a friend.

I’m currently running the Crystal Light Challenge over at Crystal Clear Thoughts and have been thinking of all the ways I could exercise to succeed in my weekly goal of 90 minutes.

Here are some fun activities that I have participated in that helped me stay active in the past:

– Rollerblading

as a mode of transportation.  When I graduated from college and took a cubicle job, I immediately gained weight since I was no longer rollerblading all day long.

– Softball.

  I rarely thought about the exercise involved while I was running around the bases.  I was just so happy that I hit the ball!  I haven’t participated in my company’s softball league for 2 seasons and know I should go back.  I think I was just trying to rebel.

– Karate/Self-Defense.

  I’ve also heard that kickboxing can fall into this category but haven’t tried it myself yet.  I loved my karate classes and self-defense courses because I was getting a workout but was thinking about fighting instead.  Kicking the crud out of padded shields is a lot more fun than treadmills in my opinion.

– Walking.

  I’ve had several walking partners over the last few years and always had a good time chatting while putting in my hour for the day.  I’ve walked around neighborhoods, in parks, and on a treadmill next to someone.  It’s always more fun than exercising alone.  Now if I could just find another buddy…reliable and dependable exercise buddies are few and far between around here.  🙁

What activities have you participated in that could give you a great workout?  Do you already have a system you’d like to share?

10 thoughts on “Fit in a Fun Friday – Exercising”

  1. Lisa @ Cents To Save

    I think walking is the best form of exercise, although I have joined a gym and had training help. Turning the radio up and dancing to my favorite 70’s songs certainly burns up the calories too!

  2. Valerie

    I also enjoy distraction. My current distractions are racquetball (focus on winning, or trying not to look like a fool at least), biking outdoors (looking at pretty things), and gymnastics. Yes, gymnastics- there’s an adult class in our area that is tons of fun, and you’re so focused on trying to do something, you don’t even notice how great the workout is.

  3. Money Reasons

    Lifting weights (or weight training).

    Lifting weights will tone what you have and make your body look better (if done right).

    It also makes for stronger bones and make you look younger longer as you age (so they claim)…

    While not good by itself for weight loss, it’s a great exercise compliment!

  4. Aloysa

    I worked yesterday before eating a HUGE dinner. LOL I love weight lifting and always wanted to go to a kickboxing class. BTW weight lifitng is so effective that you need to do a very little cardio to look great.

  5. Everyday Tips

    As I was stuffing my face yesterday I was thinking “I can’t wait to exercise”. I have this dumb cold that comes and goes and it is killing me now. As soon as possible, I will be hitting the treadmill again. (It is cold as heck up here in Michigan.)

    I loved P90X with Tony Horton. I never worked out so hard in my life. If you don’t have joint pain and are in decent shape, it is a great program. I want to get back to it again once I can breathe…

  6. Ken @Spruce Up Your Finances

    Black Friday shopping can be a good exercise, too. I have to accompany my wife to one of the outlet malls and there were no more parking spaces nearby so we had a good walk. Plus, walking around the outlet during helps, too. I don’t like shopping but after all the money that we saved, I would say that it was a good trip.

  7. MD

    Kickboxing is the best workout. I’ve been lifting weights for years. I started doing kickboxing over the past year and let me tell you that it’s a huge difference. The thing is that you need to go to strict classes. Going to a kickboxing gym alone can be intimidating. This is why I go to classes where I know the other people. The best part about my gym is that a few UFC fighters train out of here, so you know that you’re getting pushed by some of the best in the world at what they do.

    I would mention dancing but I’m not very good at is. I hear that dancing can burn lots of calories.

  8. Crystal @ BFS

    @Lisa, dancing is great! I love bouncing around to anything with a good beat!

    @Valerie, gymnastics is one heck of a workout. My husband and I are family friends of an Olympic bronze medalist and we see how hard he works when he’s simply training a newbie, lol.

    @MR and Aloysa, lifting weights was an awesome workout when I did it, but it was just boring to do alone. I need to find myself a partner, lol.

    @Everyday Tips, I hope you start feeling better! Colds stink…

    @Ken, hahaha, I never thought about it, but I do get major exercise when I have to spend a day shopping.

    @MD, I think I will be signing up for kickboxing classes this week!

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