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I know I’ve blogged about potlucks before, but Mr. BFS and I just hosted our annual Halloween Potluck Board Gaming Party.  I just worked the numbers – it was pretty cheap and got my house clean too!

We used to have dinner parties but the hit every month for whoever hosting was easily $100-$200 depending on the dishes they chose to cook.  It also took hours to prepare.  Then we started all contributing a dish or two and the costs plummeted – so did the prep time.

This last potluck was by far the best one we’ve ever hosted in my opinion.  We all agreed on the theme being “Finger Food”, lol.  I was able to decorate and provide a few dishes for a total of $50.  Here was our breakdown:

  • Sweet Potatoes:  $2.00
  • Peanut Butter “Monster Fingers” Cookies:  $Negligible
  • Mini Egg Rolls:  $4.00
  • Pizza Rolls:  $4.00
  • Tea:  $Negligible
  • 2 Plug-In Jack-O’-Lanterns – $12
  • 2 Halloween Table Covers – $3
  • 4 Halloween Tea-Light Candle Holders – $8
  • Halloween Serving Bowls – $6
  • Halloween Soap for Bathroom – $2
  • Black and Orange Hand-Drying Towels for Bathroom – $4
  • Disposable Dinner Ware – $5
  • Grand Total – $50

Whoo-Hoo!!!  Everybody seemed to have a great time, my husband helped me clean and organize our whole bottom floor, and I stayed within the $50 simple budget to boot!  I call that a complete success for 9 hours of entertainment (6pm-3am)!  Best of all, none of our guests seemed to have needed a budget helper either to attend although a few made pretty long drives to be there.  We were happy to see them!

I know that Nicole and Maggie wrote about hosting parties today, so have you ever hosted a potluck?  What suggestions could make a potluck even better?