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Yep, everything is truly negotiable.  Even frozen meat.

My First Meat Truck Experience

Have you ever bought anything off of a frozen meat truck?  I hadn’t either until last November.  But one those went cruising around our neighborhood on Black Friday and made me a deal I couldn’t resist.

They were having a half-off sale, so their beef box was $185 instead of $375.  I hesitated and asked if they could do any better, and they came down to $150.  It may be lazy, but I jumped on it since I would have paid at least $115 at our Kroger for the same cuts and these were all individually freezer packed for us, which is priceless since I hate using our vacuum sealer.  Plus, we each can have whatever cut we crave on any given night.

November 2012 Meat Truck Beef Box

This is what the beef box case looked like on paper last November. We only had a few left of a few boxes. All of the hamburgers and peppercorn strips were devoured by January.

But we have eaten more than half of all of that, so I was thinking about calling again.  I think this other company somehow read my mind…

Meat Haggling Again

Yesterday, the main competitor of the guys I bought from last November knocked on my door.  They handed me their brochure and they really had nearly identical options.  But their “special” was to buy a beef box and get a box of chicken, pork, or seafood free.  I didn’t want any of those.  And their beef box was $349!

June 2013 Meat Truck Beef Box

Here was the beef box case special for yesterday’s meat truck. He opened all of the boxes for me and it looks like the same stuff as before. His filets are a tiny bit smaller, but leaner. The strips looks a little bigger. Overall, I’m happy again. 🙂

I said that I loved beef but I couldn’t pay more than I did last time and explained my last experience.  I also asked if they would wait for a second while I grabbed my receipt and brochure from November (I am actually finally organized enough to know where I put it!).  So I grabbed that proof and handed it over.

The more experienced of the two sales guys made a big deal of “matching their competitor’s prices” and offered me the beef box for $150 while mumbling to the new guy that they usually should stick to around $180.  I don’t know if I was supposed to hear that last part or not, but it did make me feel good.  So well played, sir!

Final Thoughts

Spending $150 on individually packaged beef cuts may seem crazy to a lot of you, but that is not the overall point I am aiming for.  Please keep in mind that everything is negotiable – even frozen meat.  And not just a little negotiable – A LOT NEGOTIABLE.  They probably list $350 and aim to get at least 50%-75% of that ($175-$250).  It paid to keep my receipt from my last purchase.  It also paid to simply let them know what I needed in order to work out a deal.

Have you haggled lately?  Buy anything off of frozen meat trucks?