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My Dog Eats Poop And I’m Out $90

If you are having a meal, I am sorry to have disturbed it.  But my inbred Pug has decided that poop is the best thing since Pupperoni, which has led to yet another skin infection.  Yay…

Meet Mr. Pug

For anybody who hasn’t met Mr. Pug, he is my 9 year old that we rescued 3 years ago from Pughearts.  For a full year, he had no issues.  Then he developed allergies…not Claritin-can-fix-it allergies, but the I’m-going-to-slowly-kill-you kind.  After much guessing and checking and $2500 of visits and meds, the vets came to the conclusion that my poor dog is allergic to all meat, dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and a few environmental things as well…like grass and pollen.

This means that he is going to be on steroids ($4 a month) for the rest of his life as well as vegetarian dog food that costs $50 for a 16 pound bag.  He also has to be treated twice a week or more for dry eye with $40 eye drops, face stuff at $15 a bottle, and have his ears cleaned with $20 a bottle antibiotic cleaner.  In short, he is a high maintenance pet that costs a minimum of $750 a year. So we will be looking into some pet insurance for dogs soon.

Mr. Pug

Vet Visit for Poop

Most recently, all of his allergies has meant that his new infatuation with eating poop has caused him to break out into a skin infection because even though he is a vegetarian, Miss Doxie isn’t.  Ewwwwww.  Now I have to monitor him anytime he is in the backyard.  Yay…

Anyway the skin infection that popped up actually could have cost way more.  Normally I would have taken him to the doggy dermatologist, and she charges $130 to see him, do a skin scrape, and give him an antibiotic shot.  I couldn’t swallow another $130-$150 without weeping, so I made an appointment with our old vet, who is further away by 15 minutes but is $40 cheaper.  He took one look at the skin and gave me a $6 prescription for antibiotic pills that I could get from Kroger.  The $90 also covered a new shampoo and ear cream that should be able to keep these infections from getting bad enough to even need antibiotics.

In short, I actually wasn’t nearly as sad as usual for spending this $90 since Mr. Pug is already looking better and we can hopefully keep him from getting sick as often from here on out.  I am still bummed that people have inbred Pugs to the point that they can’t breathe right and can develop crazy allergies out of nowhere though.  He has a good 5-6 years left in him even with the steroids, so we are looking at these issues for quite a while.  Miss Doxie is a mutt and is never sick at all.  There is my lesson to be learned…

Do any of you need to vent about recent pet expenses?  Just let it all out…and don’t eat it…  😉

29 thoughts on “My Dog Eats Poop And I’m Out $90”

  1. MoneyforCollegePro

    Please let me vent……we spent the extra money to buy a pure bred golden retriever with the intent that she would not develop hip dysplasia. She was AKC registered by her breeder and everything. We went in for her 6 month checkup, and our vet noticed her hip popping. Two years later, and her hip never fully developed, and she is developing hip dysplasia.

    Our vet gave us two different options. One would cost about $3000 and the other would be a total hip replacement at about $7500 PER HIP!!!

    I love my dog, but I have to draw the line. For now, she is doing fine on some pain meds, but I know one day a decision will have to be made, and I am not looking forward to it.

  2. cashflowmantra

    I wasn’t planning on venting but since you brought it up, my son backed up on one of our 2 month old cockapoo puppies. The puppy didn’t look so hot and was breathing funny. The subsequent vet visit revealed 5 broken ribs on xray. He ended up spending two days in the hospital (about 24 hours in ICU on oxygen) and cost about $1300. He just came home last night but should heal fully in 4-6 weeks.

  3. Jana @ Daily Money Shot

    My bichon-poodle mix has a heart murmur and arthritis. Neither is too severe but we have to send him through x-rays, blood work, and all kinds of diagnostic treatment/tests. I’m expecting it to run in the neighborhood of $1000. Additionally both of our dogs need yearly dental cleanings which costs $400 each. This does not include regular pet care.

    Now that I break it down, I’m amazed at how much they cost me. But I don’t mind.

  4. 20's Finances

    Oh, sad day. This is one of the reasons that I stay away from owning a pet. The other reason… well, my wife. 🙂 She hates dogs with a passion, for a variety of reasons. That is fine with me. I am just looking for friends with a dog. (selfish, i know…)

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    @MoneyforCollegePro, I am so sorry. Hip dysplasia is one of those things that just makes me sad. I truly wonder if mutts are simply the way to go sometimes. They’re just as cute and doggy but seem to come with fewer issues. Good luck on your own pet journey!

    @cashflowmantra, oh, that sucks!!! I’m glad the puppy will heal, but that sucks on so many levels. I truly detest stupid situations that happen, screw with life, and could have been avoided – but they seem to happen all the time. 🙁

    @Jana, the Pug’s annual tests cost around $250-$300, so I guess I will stop whining…

    @20s Finances, I can’t stay away from pets. I have no idea why, but I am simply not fulfilled if I don’t have a dog in my life. Maybe I am an addict…

  6. krantcents

    My dog (adopted 5 years ago) is allergic to poultry. The cost is not too bad, different food etc. He licks his paws to the point that he limps sometimes. Great dog except for this flaw!

  7. JT

    One of our dogs had a thing for poop. From what I heard, it can be a sign of potassium deficiency. To cut to the chase, bananas substitute well for poop, apparently, since she’s no longer finding “food” in the backyard.

  8. Crystal @ BFS

    @krantcents, the paw licking drives me nuts. My poor Pug has to do it in secret at night because I spray him with canned air if he’s licking away while I’m trying to work or am watching tv. But he is such a great dog too – just a sweety…

    @JT, I heard the same thing, but Mr. Pug gets bananas all the time (I give him and Miss Doxie the end pieces and bananas are my main snack). The vet thinks the steroids are making Mr. Pug feel hungry all of the time…I’ve been trying to fill him up with frozen green beans, lol.

  9. Jeff @ Sustainable life blog

    poor dog. My parents had a dog like this. right when the adopted him he got really sick and got doggie diabetes and then went blind because of it. My dad said the dog “hooked a siphon up to his wallet and constantly drained it”

  10. Courtney

    The hard thing about pet expenses is that they seem to be large sums of money all at once. My dog ate a huge amount of raisins a few months ago and had to go to the emergency vet which cost $700 when all was said and done. He actually goes to the vet tomorrow for his annual visit to get immunizations, heartworm test, stool test, etc. The joy he brings to our family is worth it though!

  11. Jesse

    Animals are so gross!!! My inlaws dog is often caught chewing on dirty undies…he also eats poop, as much as he can get! I’d much rather have babies, they don’t typically eat the stuff, just play in it 🙂

    Sorry to hear about Mr Pug though, good luck!

  12. Ashley @ Money Talks

    Ew ew ew… I almost threw up when I saw my dog eat poop. Just thinking about it makes my stomach queasy. I don’t let him anywhere near dog poop now. Easy since we only have one dog and he doesn’t seem interested in eating his own poop, just other dog’s poop.


  13. Hunter @ Financially Consumed

    Gross. Although our dog might even top this. When my youngest was in diapers, running around the back yard one day. The diaper slipped off, exposing a big brown your know what. My hound / crazy mix woofed it down like chocolate. This story is now folklore in our house.

  14. Lisa @ Thriftability

    We adopted a West Highland Terrier who appeared on our doorstep one Christmas Eve. Sadie HAD to have been dumped at our home – it was the middle of a snowstorm, in a remote area – quite possibly because her owner couldn’t afford to care for her. Shortly after she came to live with us, she started losing all of her hair, and developed “hot spots” which she would bite and chew until they bled. I tried all the food changes, special bedding, lotions, etc – to no avail. I am like many others out there – I (as a freelancer) don’t have health insurance for myself, and paying outrageous vet bills is beyond my means. When I moved to the mountains with Mr. Thriftability,it was clear: Sadie was not built to be an outdoor dog, and I began searching out friends who might create a place for her in their home. Lucky for me, I met a lady who heads the regional Westie Rescue organization. She placed Sadie with a retiree, who loves nothing more that making sure Sadie is fed the special diet, groomed, and medicated.

    As for the paw licking (OR “other” parts licking)… let me just say that it drives me INSANE too – day or night – and although our not-quite-1-year-old Black and Tan retriever was scheduled to be fixed, we missed the date – and she’s in heat. NO LICKING! Enough said.

    Thanks, Crystal, for your brutal honesty – fun article!

  15. Tracy

    I have spent my fair share on vet bills, and my poodle mix dogs also suffer from allergies to some proteins, but they are my babies and I would do anything for them. That doesn’t mean that I like paying the bill! Is pet insurance worth it? We keep hashing out the pros and cons.

  16. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    No pets. No expenses. However, I am considering getting a low maintenance dog.

  17. YFS @ YourFinancesSimplified

    Wow what an expensive dog. Have you looked into VPI or an another type of major medical insurance?

  18. Christa

    I had a German Shepherd/Lab mix before my current Great Dane, and he was the best dog ever! As a mix, he didn’t have any health problems for years. Then one day he picked up a really nasty fungal infection that reached his lungs and organs. The treatment was to be $5,000 and only worked in 30% of the cases. We were prepared to treat him, but the vet actually convinced us to put him down. She felt it was much more humane, and it wass — he was really sick. Long story short, I was very impressed with the vet for sparing us the cost when he was most likely not going to make it. She was excellent, and other people have said she gives them “prescriptions” for over the counter human medicines (gives them a dosage amount for Benadryl, for example). Now, with the Great Dane, I have switched hospitals, but I always recommend her over any other vet, even though I don’t see her anymore!

    Good luck with the pug bills (and the poop!).

  19. Suba

    No pets here. That is gross and sad at the same time. I always wanted a pet, Sandeep refuses to get one. I shouldn’t let him read this.

    Sorry about Mr. Pug!

  20. Squirrelers

    Recylcing is usually a good thing, but not this kind 🙂

    Hope Mr Pug gets healthy and feels better…

  21. Paula @ AffordAnything.org

    Eeeewwwwww ….

    I hope your dog feels better!

  22. Cat

    I was going to ask about pet insurance, but I see you have a post on that, so I’ll just read it instead. My friend had “purebred” doxies, but they had a host of issues..it seems to be a real problem with a lot of bad breeders out there.

  23. Molly

    I just hoped up from my computer because my cat brought a live mouse into the house. I was going to catch it until she promptly dropped it. The mouse quickly scurried under the stove (we’ve already replaced one stove because a mouse moved in). Defeated I then went out to close up the chicken coop. The cat was in there trying to catch ANOTHER mouse to bring into the house…anyone need a cat? I’m not making this up!

  24. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    My dog only eats cat poop. We have a litter box with a lid (that our cat jumps throug the hole) to keep him out of it!

  25. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jeff, poor dog and dad…

    @Courtney, my Pug ate another crotch out of a pair of my underwear today and I truly thought about his worth…but yeah, they are generally cute…

    @Jesse, both of my dogs ruin my dirty undies if given the chance. I don’t want to hear it about kids though…I’ve seen them produce some seriously gross habits too, hahaha. 🙂

    @Ashley, yep, that pretty much summed up my feeling the first time I saw it…

    @Hunter, LMAO, yuck!!!

    @Lisa, I am glad you found a suitable home for her!!!

    @Tracy, since we get rescue dogs that have a few issues to start with, they are eligible for insurance…

    @Jenna, sadly they do not come labeled. 🙂

    @YFS, can’t get insurance with pre-existing conditions…

    @Christa, finding a great vet is so difficult, congrats! I am sorry about your pooch. 🙁

    @Suba, tell Sandeep that Crystal votes yes, lol. 🙂

    @Squirrelers, hahaha, he’s just being green…

    @Paula, thanks!

    @Cat, yeah, in general, I am not a fan of breeders and I despise puppy mills. Pet insurance isn’t an option with pre-existing conditions and usually costs enough that it is cheaper to just use some savings if/when things happen.

    @Molly, I already emailed this to you, but I read that comment out loud to the friends I was hanging with Friday night and you gave us major laughs!

    @Kay Lynn, I need a lid for the yard…


  26. Andi @ Mealplanrescue.com

    I know I’m way late to this discussion, but long ago and far away I managed a doggie day care/holistic pet food store. There was a product we sold called S.E.P. (Stop Eating Poop) made by Solid Gold Health. The glutamic acid is supposed to deter dogs from eating their own stool; you may be able to give it to the other dog to keep your pug from eating Miss Doxie’s poop. Until then, duck and dodge the kisses.

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