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If you are having a meal, I am sorry to have disturbed it.  But my inbred Pug has decided that poop is the best thing since Pupperoni, which has led to yet another skin infection.  Yay…

Meet Mr. Pug

For anybody who hasn’t met Mr. Pug, he is my 9 year old that we rescued 3 years ago from Pughearts.  For a full year, he had no issues.  Then he developed allergies…not Claritin-can-fix-it allergies, but the I’m-going-to-slowly-kill-you kind.  After much guessing and checking and $2500 of visits and meds, the vets came to the conclusion that my poor dog is allergic to all meat, dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and a few environmental things as well…like grass and pollen.

This means that he is going to be on steroids ($4 a month) for the rest of his life as well as vegetarian dog food that costs $50 for a 16 pound bag.  He also has to be treated twice a week or more for dry eye with $40 eye drops, face stuff at $15 a bottle, and have his ears cleaned with $20 a bottle antibiotic cleaner.  In short, he is a high maintenance pet that costs a minimum of $750 a year. So we will be looking into some pet insurance for dogs soon.

Mr. Pug

Vet Visit for Poop

Most recently, all of his allergies has meant that his new infatuation with eating poop has caused him to break out into a skin infection because even though he is a vegetarian, Miss Doxie isn’t.  Ewwwwww.  Now I have to monitor him anytime he is in the backyard.  Yay…

Anyway the skin infection that popped up actually could have cost way more.  Normally I would have taken him to the doggy dermatologist, and she charges $130 to see him, do a skin scrape, and give him an antibiotic shot.  I couldn’t swallow another $130-$150 without weeping, so I made an appointment with our old vet, who is further away by 15 minutes but is $40 cheaper.  He took one look at the skin and gave me a $6 prescription for antibiotic pills that I could get from Kroger.  The $90 also covered a new shampoo and ear cream that should be able to keep these infections from getting bad enough to even need antibiotics.

In short, I actually wasn’t nearly as sad as usual for spending this $90 since Mr. Pug is already looking better and we can hopefully keep him from getting sick as often from here on out.  I am still bummed that people have inbred Pugs to the point that they can’t breathe right and can develop crazy allergies out of nowhere though.  He has a good 5-6 years left in him even with the steroids, so we are looking at these issues for quite a while.  Miss Doxie is a mutt and is never sick at all.  There is my lesson to be learned…

Do any of you need to vent about recent pet expenses?  Just let it all out…and don’t eat it…  😉