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Crystal asked me to create this guest post based off a comment on another blog about how I only eat for pure nutritional purposes.  The reason why I eat for nutritional purposes only and not based off of cravings is simple…it’s faster, cheaper and healthier!

You may not realize it yet.  But, eating the YFS way will not only make you healthier but also save you tons of money and time.  Now, who wouldn’t want that?!


I eat this breakfast every morning!  It takes me literally 1 minute to prepare and is one of the most vitamin packed and healthy meals you can eat.

  • Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Meal followed by a 16oz glass of water.

Yes you heard right!  My breakfast is a meal replacement shake and water.

Before you start throwing tomatoes at me, realize this.   Meal replacement shakes have been given a bad rap over the years but, I promise you, this particular meal replacement shake tastes amazing!

My favorite part is that you can mix this with any liquid.

Fruit juice?  No problem!  Milk?  No problem!  Orange Juice?  No Problem!  Vodka?  No Problem!

You get the point.


  • Two 16 ounce glasses of water, baked chicken breast and 5 minute microwaved steamed rice or vegetables.

This is my most creative meal.  I marinate 7 days worth of chicken breast in my favorite marinade from the store.

FYI, I only buy what is on sale.  So, I should say my favorite on-sale marinade from the store.

I also only buy the steam veggies or rice that are on sale at the store.  When it is lunch time I pop my veggies or rice in the microwave for 5 minutes and I’m ready to go.

To save time, I cook my chicken breast on Sunday for the week.


Same as lunch.  Boring, isn’t it?

Why do I eat so boring?

1.     To be healthy


To be healthy is to be boring.  Just like working out.  People tend to get too fancy when trying to lose weight.  They get gym equipment they will never use, eat only salads, stop eating meat, drink only juice, or use some other weird method.  Basically, they try a bunch of things that don’t usually work.

Remember just because you’re busy making your meals and researching gym clothes and gadgets, doesn’t mean you’re making progress.   You don’t need all that crap.

Being healthy is about discipline!  If you eat right, perform cardio (run/walk), and lift weights, you will be healthy.

Want a six pack?  Lose the body fat.  Want to lose the body fat?  Stop eating things that contain high fat content and incorporate high intensity training workouts. Do this over a few months and you will see results.

The most simple things are the hardest for people to implement for some reason.  Unless you have a medical condition, being fit is about discipline.

2.     I’m lazy

I don’t know about you.  But, I just hate cooking and preparation.  Thinking of the different recipes, sides dishes. and desserts…Ughhhh…no!

I need something so easy a cave man can do it.  What is easier than cooking once a week and turning on the microwave for 5 minutes a day?

Answer:  Having a chef.

So until I get a chef, as long as I’m cooking, I will do it my way.  Of course, if Mrs. YFS decides to cook I will not object to her changing things up.

3.     I don’t care about food

I sincerely believe you should spend lavishly on things you love and be a cheap skate on the things you don’t care about.  So I get the best bang for my buck!  Let me break down the cost per meal:

Breakfast cost me $1.18 per shake at 45 servings
Lunch cost me roughly $7 a week (on sale items and in bulk)
Dinner cost me roughly $7 a week (on sale items and in bulk)

I can eat for $15.18 a week and get 3 square meals a day!  I don’t know about you, but if you can feed yourself for $2.16 a day while eating as healthy with the same time/effort involved, you’re winning the game!

If you want to save money, time, and lose weight, maybe you should adopt my plan for a few months.  I promise you will feel better and look better at the end of the 3 months.  Are you up for the YFS food challenge?

Crystal’s Comments:  Before you get really defensive, please know that I asked for YFS to write about his diet since it fascinates me.  I am a woman who definitely lives to eat, so meeting someone who eats to live is new to me.  Overall, the diet above is simple and boring, but I bet it works!  I can’t imagine not having at least 15 flavors a day, but I also struggle to maintain a healthy weight and will never have 6 pack abs.  So it is a trade off.  Weight Watchers has been the only diet that ever helped me find a balance with my eating, but the diet above probably would work faster.  So please keep in mind that this post was written by request before you comment, and I hope it was as interesting to you as it was to me!