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Cost for Tubing the Comal River Last Weekend

A couple of my friends asked me about going camping and tubing this past weekend.  That sounded fun, except that I have never camped (at least not as an adult), and doubt I would enjoy it.  Especially during a classic Texas July.

Side note.  🙂  I grew up in the middle of the Sam Houston National Forest…during the day I played in the woods.  At night, I would sleep in the house.  No reason to camp when you can have air conditioning and a bed away from bugs without leaving the forest.  🙂  My family sort of passed on the belief that the snakes, opossums, wild boars, and armadillos were there way before us, so we stayed out of their way at night unless they came too close to the house.  Then they got shot or shooed away depending on how much trouble they were causing.

So I asked my friends if we could split a room at a hotel instead of camping, and they actually agreed, yay!  It feels nice to be liked enough not to be left behind because I was being all “Troop Beverly Hills“, lol.

Tubing in New Braunfels – Down the Comal River

We drove to the hotel Friday evening while the weather sucked, but that worked out great since it cleared up by the time we arrived.  We ended up grabbing dessert at Applebees and swimming in the hotel pool for about an hour before bed to work out the kinks and have a little fun.

Saturday was all about the Comal River.  I rented an inner-tube with a strapped on bottom and stayed in it about 75% of the time.  I also swam a bit, making sure not to swallow the river water (it’s a 3 hour float down a cold river with a ton of drunk people…I doubt everyone around me was holding it the whole time…).  😉  We did the whole float once, took a lunch break to picnic, and did it all again.  We were on or near the river from 10am until 6pm.

I am super white, and took that into account by applying sunscreen before both trips into the water, yet I still had a few painful sun burns where the tube rubbed off the sunscreen both times.  So my knees, small strips of my legs, and the strips of skin around my elbows were really red and burnt while the rest of me was fine.  It only hurt to walk or sleep…or do anything that involves knees really, lol.  And I had it good.  Two of the rest of our group were severely burnt on the top parts of their boobs and one guy was lobster boy by the next day.  I felt so bad for them since the car ride home must have completely sucked.

Anyway, we grabbed dinner at The Olive Garden Saturday night, drank a little in the hotel room, and crashed pretty early again.  We headed home around 9am Sunday morning.

Cost of the Weekend

  • Hotel (split 3 ways for 2 nights) – $95
  • Food (including restaurants and my hard apple ciders for the whole weekend) – $55
  • Gas (split 3 ways) – $15
  • Tube Rental – $15
  • Total = $180

Overall, it was a great weekend getaway at an affordable price.  🙂  I would totally do it again!  If we borrow a pop-up camper next time, I think the whole trip would be right around $125 including the extra gas.  We’ll see…

Have you tubed down a river?  Do you camp? Or are you a little more “Troop Beverly Hills” yourself?

6 thoughts on “Cost for Tubing the Comal River Last Weekend”

  1. Betsy Muse

    I don’t mind camping if it is for a short period..maybe one night. I don’t like bug bites and mosquitos like me, so I’d rather stay in a hotel room, especially in the summer months. It sounds like you definitely got your money’s worth of fun out of this trip.

  2. Mom @ Three is Plenty

    I’ve done the Guadalupe river in college, but we drove down for the day (from College Station) and drove back that night (several non-drinkers in the group to be DDs), so we didn’t have the hotel cost. It was a fun time, and made better by people watching all the drunks (or at least it was 15 years ago…)

  3. Comal River Tubing

    With the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers running through it, visitors and locals alike enjoy a variety of water recreational activities, one of the most popular being tubing.

  4. Little House

    I love camping and tubing but have never done both at the same time. As for tubing, I went last month down the Salt River in AZ. I’m also super white and wore a light-weight long-sleeved top to minimize the burn factor and a large hat. At times, I’d also cover my legs with a wet towel. It was a really low-cost, fun activity. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself!

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    @Betsy, I’m with you on this…

    @Mom, we could probably do that if we lived just an hour closer, but we are too old (lol) to do 7 hours of driving to tube for 3 hours. 🙂

    @LH, I wore a tshirt and hat too. I should have covered my legs…

  6. Funny about Money

    😀 Oh, the memories this brings back!

    I’m with you about camping — SDXB loved it and would drive me nuts dragging me out into the sticks, where we were supposed to have grand fun doing all the cooking, dishwashing, personal hygiene, and general tidying up with no running water and no electricity. Whee…i think…

    We used to tube down the Salt River (same one Little House mentions) now and again in our callow youth. My skin is pretty dark and I had NEVER sunburned before then… heh… What I didn’t understand was that the birth control pill, which I’d been taking about a year or so by then, could make your skin photosensitive — back in the day, the Pill was basically pure estrogen, so that wasn’t all it was doing to you. I’d worn long sleeves and a hat, but figuring my legs would stay cool in the water (and knowing people have drowned in that river, so not wanting to have jeans to weigh me down if I fell in), I wore a pair of cut-offs. By the time we got to the end of our first trip down the river — about three hours — my legs were already sunburned. Then my husband’s drunken law partners decided we needed to turn around and do it again!

    I told him I needed to go home because I had a bad sunburn, and he refused. He proposed to leave me at the bottom of the river in, shall we say, rough company. Neither choice was good. As a buxom young thing in pants up to my cheeks, I sure as heck wasn’t about to sit under a mesquite tree for three hours. By the time we got back, my legs were all blistered. I still have scars from that episode.

    Don’t have the husband anymore, though. 😉

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