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It’s been quite a while since I updated our monthly budget here on BFS.  Not much has changed, but it’s good to keep an eye on the numbers just for the sake of paying attention.  🙂


I used to post income updates monthly but got tired of all of the negativity that we seemed to attract (that’s why I moved them to my newsletter).  It was weird to think that people truly rooted for me when I was building up a successful business and leaving a dead end job, BUT some of them got really angry when my new income became the new norm.

Please keep in mind that this money doesn’t just appear magically into my pocket.  My husband and I work our butts off to earn every dollar.  Our main business is commission-based, so we only make money when our clients do.  The rest is brought in by hours and hours of blogging, sports officiating, and side hustles.  Seriously, if I have time alone, I’m working.  This blog doesn’t write itself.

I am living proof that YOU CAN MAKE OR SAVE MONEY TOO.  It takes finding a passion, figuring out how to make money with it, and throwing every fiber of your being into growing it and your reputation.  Alternatively, you could just live outside of your comfort zone and get a roommate, use public transportation, start a hobby job, etc.  Use those amounts earned or saved for your goals.

Illness, awful life circumstances, and general crap in the road can of course block you.  It blocks me.  Nothing is forever or guaranteed, but you can dang well fight/save when you can so you will have something when you can’t.  That’s how I choose to live.

I love my readers and supporters – they keep me going.  You are literally why I write.  But if you feel any inner-troll coming out as you read, please just press the little “x” and close the screen.  I don’t need to hear about the unfairness of it all or why I was somehow lucky.

If luck is defined by a couple of years of 100+ hour work weeks and the ongoing drive to earn in whatever ways I can in my free time, then yes, I am lucky as hell.  But I wasn’t blessed by a twinkly, wealthy leprechaun of happy.

My Ideal Leprechaun

If I had a leprechaun fairy godmother, this would be him…

Still here?  Great!  Hope you enjoy a peek at my numbers!

Our Monthly Budget

  • Income Taxes – $2500
  • Home Mortgage – $990
  • Home Insurance/Property Taxes/HOA – $760
  • Rent House Home Insurance/Property Taxes – $275
  • Health Insurance – $275
  • Car Insurance – $60
  • Life Insurance – $30
  • Electricity – $150
  • Water – $65
  • Natural Gas – $50
  • Gasoline – $125
  • Medical – $25
  • Cell Phones – $150
  • Restaurants – $250
  • Groceries – $250
  • Dogs – $100
  • Cable/Internet (DSL) – $120
  • Housekeeping – $175
  • Lawn – $75
  • Entertainment – $50
  • Miscellaneous – $100
  • Gifts – $100
  • Cash – $100
  • Total Expenses = $6775


When I see that total, I cringe.  But it helps to know that the taxes would be way less if we make less.  I also keep in mind our income (even though it’s all variable).  Here are the current monthly averages on the low end.  I like to overestimate what we spend and underestimate what we make.

  • Online Income (low average for our main business plus my online side hustles) – $7000
  • Rental Income (varies, but this is the norm) – $1800
  • Sports Officiating (average per month over the year) – $500
  • Crystal’s Other Side Hustles (pet sitting right now, but this changes frequently) – $200
  • Total Monthly Income – $9500

Our Extra

The average extra between our expenses and our income is how we fund our future and fun.  We are fully funding two Roth IRA’s ($11,000 total a year).  We also put $500 a month minimum to our new-to-us car fund.  The majority of the remainder is put towards other savings goals like stock investments, growing our emergency fund, rent home maintenance, etc.  A smaller percentage is saved or used for current vacations and fun.

Overall, our pure savings rate is around 25% a year.  With time, we’ll pay off our current mortgage and we could always cut about $500 a month if we get rid of convenience stuff.  But there’s not much we can do about income and property taxes…that’s just the cost of making money and owning property in Texas.  At least the homes themselves are affordable.  🙂

How is your monthly budget coming along?