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Before I start, just wanted to let everyone know that I’m in a better overall mood.  Generally perky and back to normal.  🙂

That said, our Prius is broken again.  This time, the main display has decided to just stop working.  Luckily, I have a Recall Notice that says that this may happen, and if it does, we can get it fixed for free at a Toyota Repair Center.  Yay, another errand (*heavy sarcasm*).  Hopefully this will indeed be the issue and the repair will be free.  Otherwise, this will be yet another expense from broken stuff that just popped up in the last 2 months.


Okay, so my title refers to the fact that I’ve dealt with quite a few service people lately.

– My cell phone fritzed out, I tried working with Sprint and Samsung people, and now I am still stuck using my old phone while I figure out my next step.  So far, it has cost $0, but it will be $75-$150 by the end of it.  $75 if I pay Sprint to repair it or $150 if I just buy a new one.

– Our icemaker stopped working, was replaced, broke again, and has been fixed.  It still seems less than perfect since ice cubes get stuck once every couple of weeks, but it is at least working.  Total cost was around $125 for a visit by an outside company and an extended warranty purchase from the company that finally fixed it.

– The Prius died.  It was the 12v battery and cost $350 total for a new battery, oil change, and labor.

– Our pup, Miss Doxie, had another big lump on her belly, so she was operated on last week and is recovering pretty quickly.  A visit, lumpectomy, teeth cleaning, and recovery meds cost $450 total. Time to compare dental insurance again and try to get cheaper rates.

– Little stuff like our Bluray remote control and my husband’s high-tech mouse broke, so we’ve spent $55 on replacements.

– Our cable’s DVR is less than perfect.  It broke completely, was repaired, but now still has issues once in a while.  So far it hasn’t cost anything, and we may be getting rid of cable in January.

– Our guest bathroom toilet seat was having issues because our guests kept dropping the lid too hard.  It smashed the bumpers.  If you haven’t dealt with smashed bumpers – they’re gross because then pee and stuff congregates on the smashed plastic bits and that’s just disgusting.  So I found a soft-close lid on Amazon and replaced the seat myself for $19.  Yay!  I’m actually super proud of myself…it was way easier than I expected, and that’s even after fighting out a stripped screw from the old lid!  Yay DIY!

– I dropped a couple of ornaments (thankfully not important ones) while decorating the tree.  I was actually scared for the tile floor on one of the drops since the ornament was pointy.  But there were just two soft pops, shattered ornament pieces to sweep up, and all was well again.

I think there’s been more, but that is all that’s coming to mind.  I promise I am not just whining some more (like my post last month).  I feel pretty good and even see the bright spot of dealing with all of life’s little crap moments.

The Good News

The good news from all of this is that I am learning to handle crap better.  I’m barely worried about the Prius right this second, because one way or another, it’ll be okay.  Either they’ll fix it for free, we’ll pay to have it fixed, or we’ll get a new car.  No matter what, this will be resolved.  And that’s all I need.  I like things being wrapped up, put away, and not worried about again.

I’m learning to appreciate what I have.  For example, my smart phone being broken sucks, but my old phone isn’t so bad.  In fact, I rarely notice that much of a difference.  I can’t download apps anymore because the software sucks, but I waste less time that way too.  I have a phone that takes calls, can text, and notifies me of new emails.  That’s all I really need.

I’m also learning to concentrate on the actual important stuff.  Having broken stuff is amazingly better than having issues with friends and family.  It’s also better than being sick or having sick loved ones.  I know because my husband and I have gotten pretty ill over the last 3 months for a few days each, and that was way worse than dealing with broken belongings.  Friend issues sucked worse too.  And a few of our friends have just lost or are losing close loved ones, and that puts our little stuff into perspective by leaps and bounds.  Hard to whine to Isabelle about a broken car or pet when she just lost her grandma.  It definitely makes the little stuff seem little.

I think all of this is why I am feeling better now.  In the big scheme of things, I’m at the “silver lining” stage of AFGO.  😉

Thanks for listening, everybody!  Just knowing that these random thoughts aren’t falling on deaf ears every day is a huge boost for me.  I hope you all are doing well too!