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Boost Mobile Cell Phone & Plan Review: +Cheap Hotspot Deals & Coverage

Updated: December 2019
Boost Mobile
Why Boost Mobile?
  • Excellent phone connection under the Sprint network.
  • Offers unlimited plans starting at $35/month
  • Has a wide selection of the newest smartphones.
  • You can add extra data on top of your plan for just $5 per gig.
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Boost Mobile Phone and Plan ReviewTraditionally, consumers have relied upon postpaid mobile services from a wireless company. Most people default to Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint today.

The overwhelming majority of consumers find themselves on a postpaid plan. This involves signing a contract for service and paying after service is provided each month. From the beginning, wireless service providers operated on this concept. People were used to it for so long that they rarely realized that other options could be available.

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Consumers Growing Exhausted With Postpaid Wireless Plans in 2018

In 2018, more and more people continue to grow tired of postpaid wireless plans, though. They’re tired of spending large sums of money each month for service. Most of them don’t want to spend over $300 in order to terminate a contract and move to another provider. Not everyone wants to be locked into a financing plan for their smartphone, either.

In today’s world, postpaid wireless service comes with a lot of strings attached. Consumers continue to make the change to prepaid plans in order to free themselves of contracts.

Prepaid Plans Continue Shedding A Negative Reputation Today

Prepaid phone plans have acquired a negative reputation over the years. In the beginning, they offered cheap prices and lackluster features. Using a prepaid plan like a postpaid plan used to cost more money than a normal postpaid plan.

Pay-as-you-go used to mean making sacrifices in service quality and more. While lackluster MVNOs still exist today, the offerings are much better than they were even five years ago. Many MVNOs, which piggyback off larger wireless service providers, continue to expand and improve yearly.

Boost Mobile is one such prepaid carrier that everyone recognizes. Sprint provides its network as the backbone for Boost Mobile. For the longest time, most consumers equated Boost Mobile with settling for something less than useful. Such a negative perception could be chalked up to Sprint’s wireless network, which has always been behind the competition. Sprint has made some major upgrades to its network, and as such Boost has benefited from higher quality service and reliability over time.

It doesn’t hurt that Boost has revamped its plans and extra features, too. Boost now offers competitively priced mobile plans with monthly and daily prepaid options. Plus, the company now supports more mobile devices and provides some extras for customers.

Boost Mobile users now have access to a reliable 3G network and an expanding 4G LTE network that improves with each passing day. The company’s network will only improve as Sprint makes more changes to its own network, and that’s a positive development here.

Boost Mobile Phone and Plan Review

An Overview of Boost Mobile And Its Available Service Plans

Currently, Boost Mobile offers multiple mobile service plans to its customers. Each plan includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data. Most of the plans differ by the amount of high-speed data they offer with a couple of exceptions.

To make things easy on customers, Boost makes its plans simple and easy to understand. Nobody will look at these offerings and wonder what they’re getting because everything is spelled out in plain language. All plans include a wireless hotspot feature for compatible phones as well.

What Customers Get For $35 Per Month

This particular plan offers unlimited talk and text alongside 3GB of high-speed data. After burning that allotment, customers are reduced to 2G speeds for the rest of the month. Video streams in 480p, which is Standard Definition, but unlimited music streaming is included from approved services.

Mobile hotspot uses the 3GB allotment of data unlike the other plans offered by Boost, which feature separate data pools. Customers can add 1GB or 2GB of additional data for $5 and $10 per month, respectively.

What Customers Get For $50 Per Month

An additional $15 per month starts to increase the value and features for customers. Talk, text, and 4G LTE data are unlimited here. However, the mobile hotspot plans capped at 12GB per month, a number that still beats even the best cell phone service providers. Video streaming and audio streaming come at reduced quality as well.

If someone doesn’t mind Standard Definition videos, then this plan is the perfect solution. For Boost Mobile, the $50 per month plan is the best overall value when comparing features to cost.

What Customers Get For $60 Per Month

Then again, a small boost in monthly price unlocks new possibilities. The $60 unlimited plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data, plus 30GB of wireless hotspot usage. 1080p video streaming is included in this plan, so high quality videos are available at one’s fingertips at all times. Heavy phone users will want to take advantage of this plan because it’s an incredible deal. Undoubtedly, many people will appreciate the addition of 1080p video streaming and the increased hotspot allotment.

What Customers Get For $80 Per Month

Boost Mobile’s top tier prepaid plan ups the ante in a couple of ways. Once again, unlimited talk, text, and data come standard here. The mobile hotspot is bumped to an outstanding 50GB per month. 1080p video streaming comes standard, and audio/gaming quality gets a boost as well. On top of that, this plan includes international plan features and a free subscription to TIDAL, a music streaming service. A better prepaid offering might not be available, but this is 100% designed for the power users.

Things To Keep In Mind About These Plans

All of these plans can be turned into family plans by adding a line. A second line comes with a $20 discount per month. From there, additional lines offer further discounts so that families can save even more money on wireless service.

Data is unlimited on each plan, but periods of network congestion may result in slower speeds for everyone. Coverage is limited to Sprint’s network coverage, and Boost Mobile may not be available in every area that Sprint’s network covers, a fact that many consumers fail to realize.

Like with other MVNOs, Boost Mobile customers face deprioritization on the network before regular Sprint customers. This situation is perhaps the main downside to choosing Boost Mobile over Sprint, the main network provider. Most customers never deal with deprioritization, but they’ll know when it happens. In this case, Boost Mobile customers would see data speeds lowered to a crawl if the network is congested. Congestion is fairly rare, though it does happen, and that’s important to keep in mind here.

Which Phones Are Compatible With Boost Mobile Today?

Since Boost Mobile piggybacks off Sprint’s network, only phones compatible with Sprint can work on Boost. Sprint takes advantage of CDMA technology for its 3G network and LTE for its 4G LTE network. Only CDMA-compatible devices can function with full compatibility on Boost Mobile.

For that reason, customers need to check the compatibility of their existing devices before making the switch to Boost Mobile. All devices sold directly from Boost Mobile are, unsurprisingly, compatible with the company’s network.

Many devices today include compatibility with both CDMA and GSM networks. The average consumer doesn’t have to worry about compatibility. Still, every phone should be checked for compatibility before switching to Boost. Nothing is worse than trying to bring a phone to the network and realizing that it’s not going to work. This also adds on an additional expense for people that want to keep their existing devices. Fortunately, checking compatibility requires a device’s unique ID and nothing more.

Regardless, most of today’s popular devices will be compatible with Boost Mobile. This includes the latest devices from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola. Less popular brands like LG, Sony, and ZTE may not feature compatible phones, though. Certain device manufacturers prefer to make GSM-only devices, which can pose issues for potential Boost customers.

Either way, Boost Mobile sells a large selection of devices for its network, and many of them are excellent, flagship-level devices that consumers tend to love. Some visitors have recommended checking out Xfinity mobile phones too since it is also a MVNO.

Boost Mobile Phone and Plan Review

How To Sign Up With Boost Mobile And Get Started On Its Network

To get started with Boost Mobile, consumers can sign up on the company’s website. They can also visit a brick and mortar Boost Mobile store in their area. The signup process is quick and simple to say the least. Consumers can often make the switch in less than an hour at a physical store, and then they’re prepared to save themselves money.

If someone signs up online, they’ll have to wait for a new SIM card to arrive in the mail. The same goes for ordering a device from the company’s website for use on the network.

Potential Customers Can Save With Promotional Savings Quite Often

Luckily, Boost Mobile often runs promotions on a semi-regular basis. New customers can save money on prepaid plans during these promotional periods. They can also save money on new devices, especially when they transfer their number from another service provider.

Such deals are quite common among prepaid and postpaid wireless service providers alike. By transferring a number, a customer stands to save 25-75% on a brand new mobile device, and they might even save a decent amount on their new monthly service plan.

How Does Boost Mobile Stack Up With Customer Service and Elsewhere?

Boost Mobile has never been known for its top-notch customer service. That’s not necessarily a negative because the customer service is acceptable at worst. Nonetheless, consumers that prioritize customer service above all else may want to look elsewhere.

Boost Mobile relies on call centers, some of them foreign, to take care of its customers, and not everyone likes such a setup. Most people won’t have a problem with customer service quality here, but this is all worth pointing out for some potential customers.

As far as pricing is concerned, Boost Mobile compares favorably with other prepaid services. Customers are guaranteed to save money compared to postpaid wireless service providers, including Sprint and Verizon.

The plans are competitive with prepaid plans, yet they’re right in the middle with them. Boost Mobile may be the cheapest solution for some people, and others may find a more affordable prepaid MVNO. With that in mind, each person should look at the options in their area to determine how Boost Mobile stacks up.

Boost Mobile beats the average MVNO in the extra features department. For instance, few MVNOs provide free international features or a TIDAL streaming subscription. Consumers won’t find comparable wireless hotspot allotments, either.

Most MVNOs provide unlimited talk, text, and data without providing much else. Boost Extras offer even more features for an additional monthly fee. Simply put, the fact that boost offers these bonuses, whether paid or free, puts them in a league above the average MVNO service provider.

Is Boost Mobile Worth Signing Up With Right Now?

With each passing day, Boost Mobile tweaks its plans and feature offerings. Most of these changes continue to improve the service and make it more competitive. Plans are available at various price points, which makes

Boost Mobile is an excellent option for individuals and families alike. As long as Sprint’s network is available in a given area, then Boost Mobile is an excellent choice. Boost Mobile has gone from a mediocre MVNO to one of the better options on the market.

It’s difficult to argue with the improvements the company has made and continues to make. In a few years, Boost Mobile may be one of the top three options on the entire market for cheap phone plans.

Your options when it comes to MVNOs also include Simple Mobile, Tello, Ting Mobile, and Net10 Plans