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It’s obvious businesses would like our money.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have turned into a whole week or two of deals.  Although I refuse to go out into crowds to buy stuff, I’m all for the new weeks of deals since almost all of the deals can be found online too *big grin*.  I love online shopping for Christmas!

Online Deals at Amazon

I’ve already started taking advantage of some big pre-Black Friday sales on  I found the perfect gift for one of our friends at 75% off what I saw it at last week – woot!!!  While I was buying that, I saw an awesome CD collection that I want for myself – Queen 40, but it was only on sale yesterday for $44 for a couple of hours, so I missed it.  It may be cheaper again on Cyber Monday.  I’ll keep my eye on it and see.

Other than that Amazon purchase, I haven’t really jumped in yet.  I only have a few real gift ideas this year, so I didn’t know what to search for.  Buying for my husband has gotten much harder since we started having monthly “fun money” …he buys all the stuff he wants pretty quickly.  He already bought Elder Scrolls V and has been playing it anytime he has a chance.  I’m going to have to put some real thought into him this year…and men are supposed to be easy…

Our Family and Friends are not Gift Oriented

Both of our families have decided not to exchange presents like normal, so at least that pressure is off.  Although I am keeping everyone in mind while I peruse the internet.  I plan on grabbing things that may stand out for specific people whether we are exchanging presents or not.  If nothing pops out at me, so be it.

Our friends haven’t really discussed gift giving much either, but Mr. BFS and I decided we’d do the same thing with them as we are doing with family.  If something shouts out that it is meant for them, we’ll grab it.  Otherwise, we’ll just all have a good time at the Christmas potluck together.

Once Christmas is over, I’ll post the final gift list like I did last year.  Feel free to take a look if you need any ideas.  My husband still really loves that super soft blanket I threw in at the last minute.  🙂

Have you come up with any great gift ideas yet?  How about anything for your own wishlist?