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I know you’ve heard that saying – big things come in small packages – well it’s true for my daughter-n-law, Crystal.  When my son introduced her to us, I think she was about 21, but she looked 15.  (I was 18, lol, and yes, I’ve always looked pretty young…)  When your only child introduces you to his future bride, you are naturally skeptical.  After all, he’s your pride and joy and no one is good enough.  Or so I thought.  Crystal has more than proven to us that she is a perfect match for our son.  (Awwwww!)

Here’s why…

Crystal and Money

My husband and I have always said that my parents were tight with their money.  Yet, not long ago, my father made the comment that Crystal and Mr BFS were so tight that they squeaked.  I don’t think of them as tight, just very frugal with their money.  The girl knows how to budget.

I wish we had known Crystal when we were first married and she could have given us pointers on creating and using a budget.  Fortunately we had 401K’s and retirement accounts with our employers.  (I still bore them with budget talk, lol.  Never too late.  😉 )

Blogging for a Living

When Crystal first told us she was going to quit her day job and blog full time, we were concerned.  First of all, we weren’t sure how blogging worked or how you could make money at it.  And then there was the issue of job security.  Well, as you all know, job security is a thing of the past.  We were skeptical, but Crystal has shown us that she knows what she’s doing.

Once we sat down and talked to her and our son, we found out that she had investigated this every way there was to look at it.  They both have college degrees, so there is always that to fall back on.  But, to tell you the truth, I don’t think that will be necessary.  At the rate they’re going, they’ll retire before we do and find something else to make money at.  Crystal knows how to make money!

My Hopes for the Future

I hope that Crystal continues to prosper at the blogging business she created and will be able to cut back her hours to allow her to have some time for herself.  I think that girl blogs 24/7!   Of course, I would not mind a grandchild or two along the way as long as that is what they want…