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The following is a new profile for the BFS Reader Profile series.  Today we are getting to know Jason from WorkSaveLive.  Thanks for participating!

Personal Background

Hi BFS readers!!

My name is Jason. I’m 27 years old, although I feel like I’m in my 40s.

I’ve been married for a little over two years to my wonderful wife; we dated for four years before getting married! Our only “baby” is our dog, Gunner; he’s a 160 pound Bullmastiff. He’s pretty much the coolest dog anybody could ask for. We do not have any children (which I’m very thankful for) – as of this moment. Frankly, I’m not ready for that yet…everybody wants to tell you that it’s such a wonderful thing to have kids, but I’m just not sold.

The only thing that I think I could be known for is my ridiculous red hair. I’m proud to be a GINGER! Sorry, that’s a South Park reference; for those of you who haven’t seen the show it just means that all red heads don’t have souls and we’re unable to survive in sunlight.

Seriously though, I don’t really have a desire to be “remembered” in the way of being famous or well-known. However,  I’d like to be thought as a person that helped change the way people think about their financial lives: living for the here-and-now, while building a substantial amount of wealth so we experience all that this world has to offer (places & sights primarily) while blessing/helping thousands of others along the way. All for His sake and His glory.

Financial Rundown

We live in Kansas City, MO in a 1700 square foot, single-story, slab (no basement) house. Our annual household income is in the $50,000-$70,000 range. However, I’ve recently been changed to a 100% commission structure so that could greatly (positively or negatively) affect that.

Our current monthly expenses are around $3500-$3700.

The top financial goals for this year are:

1) $8000 set aside for a “new” car – which we currently have about $7k!
2) build our emergency fund to $3000 (currently at $1k)
3) pay off our next smallest student loan ($5,000).

Achieving Our Goals

Having coached people through the Dave Ramsey program, and being a follower of that, I’m well aware that the only three things anybody can do to accomplish a financial goal (quickly) is to: increase income, decrease spending, or sell things. With that said, my wife has taken a part-time job and works at least 1 day of overtime each week (typically more). I started my blog – yes, for the sake of helping other people, but I do believe it will generate some sort of income eventually, and I work like a crazy person at my full-time job as well. We each work about 60 hours a week as we’re focused on getting out of debt and getting our lives in order.

We are relatively frugal, so there isn’t much we’re willing to cut back on in regards to lifestyle. We also have nothing to sell; so, increasing income is really our only option.

I started my blog, WorkSaveLive, in hopes to help change the way people think about their finances, careers, and lives. The primary reasons Americans struggle with money is because we’re ignorant and undisciplined. So, I wanted to take my life lessons and knowledge and help others with it. I personally struggled (majorly) with money for awhile. It is the reason I am a financial coach/advisor today and it’s the reason I started my blog. I’m well aware of the burden finances/debt plays in our lives; I’ve experienced the fear of not knowing how to pay the basic bills; I’ve received collection calls and at one point in my life considered filing bankruptcy. Definitely an ignorant thought at the time – who files bankruptcy for $20,000 worth of debt (we had more debt, they were just student loans)? Uneducated and scared people, that’s who. Since getting my financial life in order, I’m happy to say that we’ve paid off $60,000 worth of debt over the last 4.5-5 years and our net worth has increased by $80,000 or so over that time as well!

Thanks for reading!

Crystal’s Comments:  I love bullmastiffs!  And redheads kick butt (yes, I am a Ginger too so I am biased, lol).  Anybody else a Dave Ramsey follower?

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