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I’m doing these roundups and updates to push myself to read other blogs and to connect with everyone again. Hope you can find some new-to-you awesome people too!

Weekly Personal Note from Crystal

My third vlog, No Cat For You! is up!  I’m aiming to publish one a week and I am hoping they are all entertaining and informative!

This past week has been slower than the previous ones, which is both good and bad.  I’ve had more time to veg out, which means I really have to personally motivate myself more to accomplish the things I do want done.  On the good side, it’s nice to have time to breathe.  I mean, I still had online work and pet sitting to do, but it was like 8-10 hour days instead of 14-16 hour days.  This lighter schedule was just for 5-6 days though.

If you’ve been reading, you noticed that I also got dumped by my “Little” from Big Brothers Big Sisters this past week, but I’m looking forward to my next match.  Excited to see if it’s a great fit.  I’ll admit that I didn’t feel very awesome about it for a day or two though.  I’m feeling a bit more positive today though.  😀

My Weekly Favorite Posts

  • Money Beagle with Does Your Total At The Cash Register Surprise You?  I usually keep up with the total in my head.  When I don’t, I’m almost always unpleasantly surprised…
  • Extrapolate This with Fall Fun  Apple picking does sound fun!
  • Funny About Money with Yeah, I was right…  I hate Twitter too.
  • Save Money Dammit with How Much is Your Time Worth? About $20-$25 an hour, and I do think about what I buy in terms of pet sitting jobs.
  • Islands of Investing with Escaping the noise  Yes, remember what really matters to you.
  • Pretend to be Poor with Hospitality Hacks  I do like the idea of leaving random food out for anybody that comes over.  But I like my “cheap people” chemical bags of popcorn thank-u-very-much.  😉  I had an air popper and real popcorn for a long time…I don’t like it as much…

Blogger Spotlight of the Week

General Info

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Top 5 Referring Sites to BFS This Past Week:

  1. Single Moms Income
  2. Budgets Are Sexy
  3. Monica on Money
  4. Surviving and Thriving
  5. Funny About Money

Thank you! Feel free to email me anytime at budgetingfunstuff *at* if you have any suggestions. I’d love to add a few more blogs to my regular reading list or at least give a shout-out for great posts or contests.

As always, thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!

Have a great week!!!