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This post, When Rich People Call You Cheap, at Financial Samurai really hit a chord with me.  In his post, he mentions an uber-rich friend that had the audacity to call him cheap over a $5 coffee at Starbucks.

First of all, as many of my frugal readers know, I am not ultra-frugal.  As some of my spendy readers know, I am not ultra-spendy.  I seem to split the difference.  I don’t have a smart phone, but I enjoy cable and DVR.  I still drive a car I despise since it’s paid off, but I enjoy having a biweekly housekeeper and lawn guy since I hate manual labor.  I cut and use some grocery coupons, but I will probably never make my own laundry detergent.

In short, I prioritize.

This system works for me, but it also gets me judged from all sides.  Some people like to point out all I could save by cancelling cable, doing my own chores, and mowing my own lawn.  Other people tell me to buy a new car since I obviously don’t like the one I have and also have the money for car payments.  Still others will hear about my budget and make sure to remind me that life is short and I should spend more on fun.

If I had an uber-rich friend like Financial Samurai, any time the guy brought up I was cheap for not buying whatever, I’d bring up the fact that $5 to me is like a penny to him and he can bite me.  That is not a mature or well-worded answer, but that is what would come out of my mouth.  I’d be that irked.

When I get told that life is short and we should spend more, I reply that life can be pretty long too.  I want something left in case I don’t die early.

When I’m told that we could be saving a ton by cancelling the things we do pay extra for, I reply that we cut elsewhere and those things make us happy.

If either group pushes the issue, I get rude – can’t help it.  If I feel defensive, I get rude.  I’m working on that, but I’m definitely not there yet.  Thank heavens I am a blogger.  When I feel attacked online, I give myself more time to respond and haven’t immaturely pissed too many people off yet.  Woot for the typing filter between my brain and my fingers!  🙂

I guess this whole post was to point out that Financial Samurai seems to have handled himself well and I feel his aggravation.  Personal finance will always emphasize the personal and I do wish that people would be less judgy to others, especially me.  😉

What kind of judgments to you come up against and how do you handle your replies?