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Become a Product Tester for Free Swag: Fun Stay at Home Jobs

The following is a staff writer post from Amanda L. Grossman at Frugal Confessions. She covers how to live a frugal decadent life where saving and living in the present are both held in high regard.

Sign me up for free stuff! Becoming a product tester is so fun, you get to find out about brand new products before anyone else does, plus earn great free products. It's a perfect way to supplement our budget at home, while I am a stay at home mom. Plus, I love being on the cutting edge of what's new and exciting in the world.

Have you seen that commercial where a guy puts himself up for all kinds of medical testing and he turns from a normal college student to some sort of babbling, blue-skinned caveman? Don’t worry, you won’t find stay at home jobs like that in this article. Medical test studies are not all bad; in fact, my friend completed a sleep study one weekend in college and earned $300 for doing so! But if you are not interested in medical studies (or in becoming a permanent member of the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas), then below are some legitimate, non-compromising, product testing opportunities for you.

Product Testing

Each of the following websites offers a huge variety of products for you to test.

  • House Party: Did you ever wish you could host a party sponsored by somebody else? Well, this is not as glamorous as the post-Emmy’s parties, but it certainly is fun. Use this website to apply for a sponsored party. Current parties include Atkins, Bic Soleil, Nerf Super Soaker, and Dole. When you are accepted (they only accept a certain number per campaign), then put together a party of friends and family for the date specified by the website. House Party will send you free products around the theme of the party, as well as coupons and all kinds of other things. You need to post about your party and/or photos on their website at the end. Check out current parties here.
  • Synovate Global Opinion Panel: This is more survey-oriented, but from “time-to-time” you will test out products and give opinions. Surveys earn you points, 5,000 minimum amount of points to redeem for something or cash (1,000 points = $1). This is free to sign up.
  • Mom Ambassador: You can apply to be a Mom Ambassador and receive free products to test. The hope is that you will introduce these products to the community/other moms. This is specifically for green products and services, and there is a listing on the right hand column of previous products.
  • In-Home Product Testing: You can become a member of this company’s panel which will allow you to both share your new ideas for products as well as test products in your home.
  • BzzAgent: This website is all about giving people free products so that they will spread the word on social media, and among family and friends. The higher up in the tiers that you get, the more products you will have access to. To give you an idea of the types of free products you could be testing, some current products include Café Escapes, Lysol foam cleanser, Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips, Bed Head by Tigi, and Fage yogurt.
  • SheSpeaks: If you are a woman (sorry guys!) then you can register for this community. You fill out an initial survey and then are entered into a database. If you are active in the community, they will match you with products. You get to keep the products if you agree to fill out a survey or review for them.
  • Amazing Products: Have you ever stayed up late and watched an endless stream of television commercials offering a gadget for everything that ails you? Well, now you can become a product tester for these “as seen on TV” (or rather “before seen on TV”) products.

Become a Product Tester of Your Favorite Brand

If there is a particular brand that you really love, then you might just want to email the company and ask to become a product tester. You never know what the response may be. Even if you are turned down, you can share with the company things that you like about the products and suggestions. Who knows, you may just end up with a coupon or two for some of your favorite products! Read our other articles about legitimate work from home jobs.

Brands with beta programs for you to join include:

  • Nike Shoes

    : You can become a Nike Product Tester for footwear or apparel.

  • Utz Potato Chips

    : Join the Utz Tasting Club in the event that new flavors need to be tested by an audience.

  • Microsoft Video Games

    : Do you like playing video games, and do you live near Redmond, WA? If so, then fill out the online application as well as “like” the Microsoft Playtest site on Facebook in order to be notified of upcoming games to be tested.

If you like to try new products as well as share your opinion to help shape these products, then product testing may be for you.

Do you have any product testing experience? What companies do you like to use?

11 thoughts on “Become a Product Tester for Free Swag: Fun Stay at Home Jobs”

  1. KC @ genxfinance

    I would volunteer to become Nike’s product tester anytime.

  2. Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

    I can say I am an ambassador and tester of various products — from home cleaning products, books, food products, to clothes and shoes, even toilet accessories! I have a blog where I post my reviews for these products and services. In a way, I have saved and at the same time, earn a few bucks, because I receive the products and avail of the services for free, in exchange of a written review. Though I wouldn’t say I always make a good review, it is always an honest one.

  3. Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide

    Many of these things seem like a lot of work! 🙂 I know people who do a number of these suggestions, and they work–but I guess I just don’t care enough, myself.

  4. Amanda L Grossman

    I think you are right Jenny! But some people love to test free products.

    Cherleen has a good system of getting free products for potential reviews on blogs; though starting a blog just to review some products is a much bigger time commitment.

  5. The College Investor

    nice list! If I have plenty of time, I’ll probably try out all of them, but being a Nike tester seems very interesting!

  6. I would love to be a blender tester. It seems I go through one about every 6 months whether it’s a cheap one or not. If I can’ break it, it must be a good product.

  7. KK @ Student Debt Survivor

    I’m a bzz agent and a house party host. On Saturday bf and I hosted a house party for Qdoba. Part of the party kit was a certificate for catering for 20 people! So we had a big Cinco De Mayo party with free food for 20. I was so excited when I was chosen to host the party I almost cried. The retail cost of he food alone was $170!

  8. Great idea, something so simple, but nothing I would have thought of on my own! Very helpful!

  9. Amanda L Grossman

    Nice score KK! My sister has completed a few house parties, and the loot was nice. But not as nice as catering for 20 people!! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. [email protected]OnlyDoThisOnce

    If you have a favorite bar, they often have very simple promoter roles that get you free drinks and your friends in.

  11. Bernard

    These are just cool!!! I am looking to be a Microsoft Video Games tester! Yeh!

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