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Sandy over at First Gen American was forced to fork over $1200 for a vacation home that she didn’t up using.

Initial Reaction Post

In short, in $1200 Down the Drain, Sandy explained that the flight her family was going to be on to get to Florida was cancelled due to the blizzard last week, so they couldn’t make it to the rental house.  The property owner told Sandy that she signed a contract and there are no refunds or rain checks.  He didn’t try to work with her on getting the place rented out by someone else or by postponing the trip, it was just “no refunds” and “you should have bought travel insurance”.

After Further Review Post

After venting a little, Sandy then looked closer at the paperwork she had to sign along the way and realized this landlord is scammy.  In I’ve been Duped Part 2 – $1200 Loss, it seems obvious that though technically everything that happened is legal, there were a lot of little switcheroos along the way and this guy has the most one-sided last minute contract known to man.  This wasn’t a contract that he sent out beforehand…this was a contract he sent to her 5 days before she was supposed to show up and it stated the no refund, no rain check policy.  He already had her $1500 ($1200 for the house and a $300 deposit) when he sent her this new, lengthy contract that she had to sign before being allowed to check in.

My Conclusion

In short, I think Sandy was severely messed over and this guy sucks pickles.  I was wondering if we could all help her out and leave our own comments about the situation on her site.  Could you please go read both of those posts, $1200 Down the Drain and I’ve been Duped Part 2 – $1200 Loss, and leave your comments?***  She’s hoping to mention her posts to VRBO along with her complaint and the more people that are commenting, the better.

Thanks so much!

***UPDATE:  Sandy took down the posts at her site, so please don’t go hunting to leave a comment.
Thanks so much for helping and for reading!!!