Jordan Beaumont

Jordan is a top-notch budget booster! He has helped thousands of people boost their budget and help them make more money. He’s written hundreds of articles on how to handle different financial situations, including helping people with good credit, bad credit, those with a large budget and people trying to grow their income.

His work focuses on helping people reach their financial goals so they can spend more time with family and friends and less time worrying about their budget. After finishing college with a degree in Accounting and Communication, he realized that these are the most important things in life and that people shouldn’t miss out because of money.

Jordan takes great pride in helping others live the life they aspire too. He also enjoys finding ways to help people escape the stress and anxiety that comes with living paycheck to paycheck.

He honed his writing and analytical skills with 10 years of coaching debate. In his free time, he enjoys playing disc golf and keeping up with the latest news on politics, the economy, and current events.