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It's so easy to make a small spending choice here and there... then all of a sudden my budget is blown and my lifestyle costs way more money than it used to! Picking and choosing your splurges and making sure to control them is super key. This story of lifestyle inflation is a warning sign with fantastic lessons in it that I can apply right now. Bring on the savings, I need to stay out of debt!

I should have seen this coming.  Remember those DreamFit Sheets I mentioned a little while ago?  The $150 ones that have a 400 thread count?  They were delivered last week.  Now Mr. BFS wants to buy another set and never use the old ones again, lol.  He has officially apologized for ever having any negative thoughts about their purchase at all, hehehe.

My Take on Lifestyle Inflation

Like I said, I should have seen this coming.  This has led me to think about lifestyle inflation.  A certain amount seems completely acceptable to me.  For example, when we went from making less than $30,000 a year after college to more than $75,000 when we both found full-time jobs, living at a higher standard seemed to make sense.  But do I have a cut off?

My gut reaction to $150 sheets was “that’s too dang expensive to buy again” but then I honestly thought “why the heck not?”.  Together we are bringing in more than $85,000 a year even if I start making less with blogging.  We save 30-40% every month.  We usually have at least a few hundred leftover in the budget after we pay our bills and hit all of our savings goals.  In short, we aren’t going nuts, so why is my gut reaction still “no, no , no”?

I just want to avoid developing huge problems.  At the same time, our new sheets are EXTREMELY soft.  It feels pretty good to slide into them at night.

My Attempt to Avoid the Problem

So instead of overthinking this, I have contacted the company we bought the sheets from to see if they’d like to sponsor a review and giveaway.  I emailed them saying thank you for the quick delivery of our amazing sheets.  I then told them about my blog and gave them the important stats.  I linked to another review I have done and asked if they’d like to send over two sets of the 400 thread count queen-sized sheets – one for me to write the review and one for a giveaway.  We’ll see what they say.  🙂

Maybe I should spend more time thinking about using my writing to get free stuff and less about the issues with lifestyle inflation, lol.  But if this review doesn’t come through, I know we’ll eventually be buying another set of sweet sheets.

How do you deal with lifestyle inflation?