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Before any of you decide to scream at me or question my sanity, please understand that I understand how awesome a pension is.  I do.  I promise.  But my husband and I were talking about his pension recently, the one he will hopefully receive if he continues working in our school districts for another 24 years, and he brought up a side of them that I hadn’t looked at before.

My Husband’s View of a Pension

In short, he knows that having one is awesome.  In fact, he knows that it is so awesome that he is scared to consider other job opportunities because giving up a pension would hurt too much.  He thinks that giving up it up would pretty much doom our early retirement goals.  And this would be why he sees his future pension as a blessing and a curse.  It’s also another example of how I am the optimist in our relationship and he…well…isn’t.

My View of a Pension

I personally never thought about it like that.  I told him that I looked at it as an awesome bonus for making it 30 years in the cruddy school districts here.  If he didn’t end up wanting to stay, I figured we would just have to start saving even more elsewhere.  Plus, we are fully funding 2 Roth IRA’s now and my 401(k) for as long as I stay in my current day job.  I never thought that he was stuck.

Our Current View of a Pension

After talking it over, it is obvious that my husband still feels a little tied to the school system, but at least he likes being a school librarian.  He isn’t torturing himself.  I still feel pretty optimistic that we could retire pretty early even if we didn’t have a pension.  We live on about half of what we make and I think a lot of people retire on way less than what we are saving as just as our backup retirement funding.  I think we are doing very well with or without the blessing of a pension.

What do you think of pensions?  I know a lot of people don’t think a pension will even be around anyway, so I think saving elsewhere is just going to have to be the best we can do…