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6 Things Couples Can Do To Fix a ‘Broken’ Relationship

It is common for couples to face problems in their relationship brought on by misunderstandings, a crisis or some other reason.  Ask yourself if you want to spend some time away from each other to rethink your relationship or simply give up. If you feel that your relationship deserves a second chance here are six things you can do to mend it and start afresh.

  1. Recall the Humour you Shared in the Past

Remembering the good times you shared in the past is bound to release the tension between you and your partner. Have a frank discussion with your partner about the issues you are facing. Time and again, relationships hit a rough patch due to a lack of adequate communication.

  1. Have Faith

Anguish with the state of affairs at hand does not in any way indicate that you or your partner is a flawed or intolerable person. Even if the current problem is undermining your relationship it does not mean that your partner is unworthy of your basic respect or affection.

Spot and then strengthen the strong aspects in your relationship. If you are unable to identify them by yourself why not ask a proficient observer (it could be a close friend or family member) to direct you.

  1. Concern for Each Other

Even if you and your partner no longer share mutual love and respect you might be concerned when either expresses genuine heartbreak. Body language or facial expression plays a crucial part in showing consideration for your partner’s agony. Compassion triumphs over control when the other partner experiences heartache.

  1. Listen Attentively to Your Partner

Even if both the partners tend to interrupt or dismiss any issue they will surely stop these behaviours if asked to focus on what the other is saying. Try not to see who the “righteous one” is as there are two people in a relationship.

Instead of quarrelling over trivial issues why not pay close attention to your partner’s responses and his opinion. This will also help you to fathom the issues that can be worked on in your relationship.

  1. Bring Back the Love

There is nothing worse than a once-loving couple who reduce their relationship into a complicated and static set of rituals. Irate energy can be miraculously changed to loving energy with your participation.

Deal with the issues you have and forge a stronger relationship with your partner. Lots of work, fondness and the patience are essential to revive a broken relationship.

  1. Keep Your Conversations Within Respectable Boundaries

Nothing kills a relationship more than silence. Try talking to your partner and discussing the issues and you may be more willing to understand each other’s perspectives. While it may be hard to keep aside negative emotions when things are too bitter, you need to put conscious efforts into keeping your conversations ‘clean’ and non-abusive. When that happens, interaction between couples can turn towards a favourable direction.

Remember, even if you eventually decide to end your relationship and file a divorce, your family law attorney will want to ensure it’s the absolute last resort. Therefore, it may not be easy to improve a broken relationship but you can — and should — give it a try. The above tips will help you do so.