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I am ALWAYS looking for tips to save money. These ones will save me lots and are definitely budget hacks that I can implement, not crazy ideas that will only work for some people. Bring on the savings!

Here’s an oldie but goodie from early 2011!  🙂

Here are my top 10 tips to save money:

1. Save Automatically.

Setting up automatic contributions is the best way, in my opinion, to save money. It is simply harder to spend money that you can’t see. This is one reason why Im always keeping an eye on the best online cd rates. I’d also suggest starting by contributing the minimum to your 401(k) to get the maximum company match. Then take a look at Roth IRA’s. If you don’t qualify, think about saving automatically to an account that you can use to invest in whatever you wish. We put money into an American Express high yield savings account every month.

2. Prioritize Your Spending.

It’s much easier to say no to a fancy new car if you know that you rather fully fund your Roth IRA. If you know you absolutely adore your smart phone, maybe it will be easier to save elsewhere, like a magazine subscription you barely have time for.  Prioritization is key.

3. Give up Expensive Habits.

Smoking comes to mind first simply since I saw a man in front of me at Kroger pay $7 for one pack! OUCH. Drinking, bar hopping, drugs, soda…any regular habit that costs money adds up fast. We’re saving about $250 a year now that we’ve given up our daily soda habit!

4. Find cheap hobbies.

Blogging and board gaming have been awesome for me. Blogging has actually turned into a money making opportunity and board gaming is only as expensive as allowed. We buy less than $250 worth of board games a year and we are entertained weekly. The trick is to find a hobby that you crave to be a part of that costs way less than the normal ways you spend your time.

5. Change to less expensive activities.

My husband has paused Curling (the ice sport) for the last 2 years and has saved more than $1000.  His hobby jobs and board gaming have taken up this time.  🙂  It is all about prioritization. If we ever needed extra cash, expensive activities would be the first to go.

6. Cook at Home More.

This only saves money if you learn to cook using inexpensive ingredients. My mom is the queen of a yummy one-pot meal. I personally have started jumping into all recipes that use ground beef or turkey as the main ingredient, lol.

7. Make Grocery Lists.

This is a life saver if you actually follow your list. You have control over what goes into your cart…if you keep that in mind, you can save hundreds of dollars every month or two.

8. Compare Prices for Your Different Monthly Services Annually.

I call around for cable, internet, and best home insurance quotes every year and have kept our bills at the same or better rates they were 5 years ago. A 10 minute call can really pay off.

9. Make Long-Term Goals.

Goals keep your mind from wandering when a nice but expensive what-not pops up. Our early retirement goal keeps me driving my cruddy Aveo simply so I can continue to save instead of making monthly payments.

10. Re-Evaluate Your Housing Costs.

We were paying $730 for a one-bedroom apartment that was 1000 square feet in 2006. We realized that we’d only have to pay a few thousand more a year to own a home and build some equity. Then we had a $740 a month mortgage and spent $2300 a year property taxes by early 2007.  Now we have paid that home off, use it as a rental, and bought our next home.  If you take into account the rental income, we’re paying less than $600 a month now for our dream home including the property taxes of both houses and our current mortgage payment.  Renting out a room on and off for the last 6 years helped a lot too.

What other everyday tips do you have for us?