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Long time readers may remember my first post about selling my car on Craigslist.  Well, in my ongoing effort to make this site better for you, I fleshed it WAY out and created a complete 10 step guide!  I hope this makes selling your car on Craigslist EXTREMELY easy!!!  No reason to lose thousands at the dealerships!

In 2008, my husband bought his 2007 Toyota Prius and needed to sell his 2003 Hyundai Sonata.  The dealership only offered us $2000 to trade it in, so I sold it myself on Craigslist for $4800.  Yay!  In 2014, I bought my 2013 Honda Fit and needed to sell my 2005 Chevy Aveo.  The dealership once again offered me $2000, so I sold it on Craigslist for $3400.  Woot!

Ah Craigslist! It's an excellent place to buy things, but I've never thought about using it to sell my car before. These ten easy steps tell you exactly how to sell your car on craigslist and put some cash back into your pocket without getting scammed.

To summarize, dealerships always offer way less than your car is worth.  If you have the title, sell your car way more on Craigslist.  Plus, save a ton of time since I’ve already done it twice – just follow the steps below!

10 Steps to Sell Your Car on Craigslist:

1.  Determine the Value of Your Vehicle

Check out these sites to set your price:

  • Kelley Blue Book
  • Edmunds
  • Comparables on Craigslist
  • Add at least 10-15%  (I list mine 25-35% higher than I really want because people will make all sorts of offers)

I mainly use Kelley Blue Book (KBB) but feel free to check out other sites like Edmunds.

With the 5 year old Sonata, KBB listed it as worth $4300 in fair shape or $5500 in excellent condition, so I decided to aim for $4500 due to a few major dents and the fact that his car was in a major accident early in its life.

With the Aveo, I spent a couple of hours researching how much my car was worth since it had extremely low mileage for a 9 year old car (63,000).  On KBB, it was listed at $3071 in “Fair” condition or $3471 in “Good” condition.  My Aveo fell somewhere in between those definitions since it had minor body damage (a wavy part above the front, right wheel well) and no issues with how it functioned.  On Edmunds, it was closest to “Average” condition, which was listed as $2600 in a private party sale or $3350 if a dealership was selling it.

I also searched for other 2005 Chevy Aveo’s that were listed on Craigslist in my area, and the ones closest to my condition were listed around $3800-$4100, and they had more miles on them.

Based on all of that, I decided to list my 2005 Chevy Aveo for $3950 and accept the first cash offer over $3100 (obviously keeping that number to myself).

You will always want to ask for at least 10-15% more (if not 25%+) than you actually want since people will haggle.  It’s human nature to believe you only got a great deal if you got some money off of the asking price…even if the asking price was intentionally inflated.  That’s why it pays to ask for a discount on pretty much any purchase.  🙂

If the tires are bad, you can always buy cheap tires online as a quick replacement. 

2.  Gather the Title and Documentation

For both cars, I couldn’t easily sell a car on Craigslist without the title, so I made sure we had that in hand along with the other required documentation before we even listed a car for sale.

In short, you will need:

  • Original Title
  • Title App
  • Bill of Sale
  • Transfer Notification

Fill out the car info you can right now (year, make, model, VIN, etc.) to save time for you and the buyer later.  But remember not to fill in things that will change like the current odometer reading.

If you can’t locate your title, order a copy as soon as you can.  In Texas, you can go to to get the form to print, fill out, and mail in with a $2 check.  You can do a quick search of your state’s DMV site or a search engine to find your exact process.

I also found our online DMV site and printed out a Texas Certificate of Title (Form 130-U) and a Bill of Sale.  I also ended up submitting the Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification form online from that same link.  That informs the DMV that I no longer own the car, so I shouldn’t be held liable for it anymore.  Again, no matter what state you live in, you can find all of the info you need through a quick online search or through your DMV.

3.  Clean Your Car

The most important step actually selling a car is how it looks.

This is a huge problem that I saw on other Craigslist postings – people would post pictures of their dirty car for sale and expect everyone to love it.  They won’t.  Do you want to spend a few thousand on a new-to-you car knowing that you immediately have to clean it?  No.

Do yourself and your future buyers a favor:

  • Wash your car
  • Scrub the spots missed on the exterior
  • Windex or wet wipe the wheels and hubcaps
  • Clean out the interior
  • Scrub out stains
  • Clean out the trunk
  • Wet wipe the nooks and crannies like cup holders
  • Wet wipe or Windex the interior parts like the dashboard
  • Check the interior roof – you may be badly surprised…
  • Clean out the glove box but leave maintenance records and the owner’s manual

Although having the car detailed for about $100 would definitely fit the bill, my husband simply took the Sonata through a very thorough car wash for $12, vacuumed the inside as well as he could in 30 minutes using the car wash’s high-powered vacuums, and then we wiped down all visible surfaces with pre-moistened wipes.  Our total cost was about $15.

I spent 2 1/2 hours on the Aveo since it was dirty.  I am not a doting owner.  So, I took it to a drive-through car wash that had a $3 special.  Then I dried it off with a towel so it wouldn’t have water marks.  I also took a simple soap solution (a few drops of liquid dish washing soap and water) and washed off any remaining yucky marks that the car wash didn’t get completely off.  That all took about 20 minutes.

The remaining 2 hours was spent getting all of my stuff and trash out of the car and trunk, vacuuming with our much crappier vacuum, using Windex on the plastic parts and the windows, and taking packing tape to the upholstery to pull off a bunch of dog hair (our Pug and Dachshund used to be transported mainly in my car).  I also squirted around some Febreeze: Allergen Reducer when I was done to help make it smell fresh and hopefully help out anybody that may be allergic to dogs.

My total cost was $3 since I already had the soap, water, Windex, masking tape, and Febreeze for home use.  I also read that baby wipes work great on the plastic parts too.  I forgot to polish up my tires, but that’s recommended too.

Again, if you don’t want to spend a couple of hours cleaning your old car, find a detailing place to do it for you.  My in-laws occasionally use an $80 place on their side of town.  The closest detailer to my house wanted $130, so I just did it myself.

4.  Take Pictures

The pictures are the most important part of selling a car on Craigslist.  Would you want to drive a long way to test drive a car without having any idea what it is going to look like?  No!

Remember to take these photos:

  • Most Photogenic Angle / “Best” Side
  • Front
  • Right Side
  • Back
  • Left Side
  • Visible Exterior Issues
  • Dashboard
  • Odometer Specifically
  • Front Interior
  • Back Interior
  • Open Trunk
  • Visible Interior Issues

Start with the “good” side of your car, but always include the problem areas too since full disclosure actually helps to sell a car on Craigslist.    And remember to either take the pictures at a medium resolution or shrink your digital photos after the fact using something as simple as Microsoft Paint since Craigslist has a capacity limit.

With the Aveo, I followed my own advice and took all the pictures above.  For issues, I did a close-up of the damaged area on the passenger side front wheel well so future buyers would know that I wasn’t hiding it, and it wasn’t that bad.  I also snapped a picture of the original owner’s manual and window sticker just in case that would be a great selling point.

Craigslist allows up to 24 pictures, so you should definitely be able to fully show off your car!

5.  Create Your Craigslist Post

People usually do their car shopping on the weekends and you are only supposed to list a new Craigslist post every 3 days, so start on Friday night/early Saturday morning and follow up if you need to on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.

For the Title of your post, remember to include:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim (if it was one of a few for that model)
  • Color
  • Transmission Type
  • Condition (if worth mentioning…more details in post)
  • Fill in List Price area at 10-15% more than you are willing to accept

I would suggest Craigslist above anything else since they are free and widely used for used car buyers.  I also created free ads at and Thrifty Nickel online for my Aveo, but they didn’t get any responses except from shady car buying agencies.  I deleted them.

Our Sonata post was titled “2003 Hyundai Sonata – Good Condition – One Non-Smoker Owner  $5500”.  We were willing to accept $4300, but past Craigslist experience had taught me to aim high and haggle to a fair price.

The post that sold the Aveo was titled “REDUCED Blue 2005 Chevy Aveo LS – LOW MILES at 63k – Non-Smoker Owner!!!” and the price was $3950 on Wednesday and reduced to $3900 Friday night.  I was willing to accept $3100, but was aiming for $3500.

For the Post Itself, remember to include similar things:

  • Color
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Trim (if it was one of a few for that model)
  • Transmission Type
  • Condition
  • Features
  • Complete History – maintenance records, issues, and accidents
  • Price
  • The words “Cash Only”
  • Contact Info
  • Pictures – Lots of Pictures

Our post for the Sonata included the year, make, and model again as well as the complete history of the cars (including the accident) and we attached the pictures. We also mentioned we had a car warranty that would transfer to the owner and this is huge for some buyers.  I included my first name and cell phone number.  I only gave the VIN to interested callers and emailers since I didn’t want absolutely everyone to be able to track our specific car to our address.

Our post for the Aveo included the year, make, and model, a section for the car’s features, a section where I listed what was replaced and when, the quick history of the car (including how the wheel well was damaged), and 12 pictures.  I again included my first name and cell phone number.  I made sure to fill out all of the info from the drop down menus that Craigslist has too so my car would be found in related searches.

6.  Schedule Test Drives

Only schedule a few test drives back to back at a time in 1-2 hour intervals.  If the first person buys it, you won’t waste the other people’s time driving to you.  Also tell all of the other interested parties after the few you schedule that you will get back to them if it’s still available.  This will save you a ton of follow-up time.

For safety, I would suggest having someone with you.  If you can’t, take a photo of their driver’s license and text it your significant other or a friend.  That way you have a copy of their license AND someone knows who to report if you go missing.  I never felt unsafe with any test drivers, but texting that info was super easy and seemed smart.

7.  Close the Deal

Be honest and direct!

I answered every, single question anybody had.  I also was completely honest about the issues that we had and what we had to replace.

With the Sonata, we highlighted the major accident it had 4 years previously.  The second group to see it actually bought the car for $4800!  I was so proud.

With the Aveo, I outright stated that my mechanic suggested I get a more reliable car now that I was driving more.  I pointed out all the updated maintenance records in the owner’s manual and explained that the car would still have some dog hair in it since packing tape can only do so much.  I would suggest that if you are a chatter box like me, make sure to say your piece and then leave silences long enough for questions.  No reason to talk over people.

The couple who bought the Aveo said that they liked my post since it was so detailed and there we no surprises when they saw the car.  Everything was as stated and I am really straight-forward.  They only had $3400 for a new-to-them car and I wasn’t going to push very hard for my happy $3500 price since I’d get to have my whole weekend to myself by 9am by wrapping up the deal AND the offer was above my $3100 minimum.  Win-win for me and them.

8.  Do the Paperwork

Remember the documentation in Step #2?  Time to finish it up!

Since I already had printed out what we needed and filled in the cars’ info in the spots that I could before hand, the paperwork process took less than 20-30 minutes for each car.

For the Buyers to Keep:

  • The Car
  • Original Title
  • Title Application
  • Original Bill of Sale

For You – the Seller – to Keep:

  • Copy or picture of the Title, front and back
  • Copy or picture of the Title App
  • Copy or good picture of the Bill of Sale
  • Vehicle Transfer Notification Form (Fill out together and then file online using that info)
  • Toll tag sticker
  • Cash (only accept cash…too many scam opportunities)

For the Sonata, we signed over the title, filled out the Texas Title App together, and filled out the Bill of Sale.  We used our scanner to copy everything and gave the originals to the buyers (just have them take pictures with their phones if that is easier).  I also reminded them that they only had 20 days to register the Sonata and we even kept the license plates (I found out later that we may not have needed to do that, but we wanted to be on the safe side).  We filled out and submitted the Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification form online so we wouldn’t be held liable for any further problems.

For the Aveo, we did all of the same paperwork.  I also deactivated its EZ Tag for our toll roads.  Our toll road authority says on their website that I could deactivate the sticker but leave it in the car so that the buyers could reactivate it on their account.

9.  Things to Cancel

Remember to Cancel:

  • Car Insurance Coverage
  • Remove Vehicle from Your Toll Road Account
  • Cancel further test drive appointments

10. Deposit your cash.

That was the best part.  🙂

It took us less than 3 days both times to sell our cars.  Worth the trouble for way more money than a dealer will pay!

Did you already know how to sell a car on Craigslist?  How did it work out for you?  If you use this guide, please let me know how it works out for you in the comments!!!  If you encounter any issues, let me know those too so I can update this and give you credit!